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Its been a while since I visited the Land of Meme, so I was doing some "meme spelunking" in Google and came across this one from Sushi For Breakfast...

I tweaked a couple of the questions, but what's the internet for it you can't customise everything to better fit your own needs?

Today is: Wednesday.
Today I got up at: 5:19am, then 5:26am and finally at 5:36am.
Today I have been to: Work.
Today I have spoken to: H-San, Sugarmonkey, Ginja Ninja, the guy at the Organic cafe and several bimbos at Subway... plus other random work-related people.
Today I have made: Changes to a couple of documents and recreated a bunch of images.
Today I heard about: David Tennant starring in the St Trinian's sequel as the villain.
Today I daydreamed about: BlueDragon while I was putting my socks on this morning... I was thinking about when he was here and we were sitting curled up in my old bed while he drew me a diagram of his parent's house back in the States... I don't know why, but it's something I think of every now and then.
Today I am happy because: My feet are warm.
Today I am sad because: I still have a cough (although its much better) and some annoying sinus issues.

Today's outfit: White shirt with blue diamond check, black dress pants (work)... black teeshirt with silver printing, grey Bonds trackpants, green Bonds hoodie (home).
Today's footwear: The same black boots I wear to work every day.
Today's socks: Black athletic socks (work)... white athletic socks (home).
Today's undies: Bright blue Bonds boxerbriefs (actually they're trunks, but I love a nice bit of alliteration).
Today's jewellery: Ear piercing (as always), stainless steel ring (as always, unless I'm doing the washing up or preparing food), handpainted Durga pendant I bought last Friday which I've put on an old chain (I'm still wearing it), silver watch (which really only gets worn to work, at lunch and home from work... seldom actually at work or at home), Bico choker (which gets taken off as soon as I get home... I can wear it all day at work, but as soon as I get changed it starts to bother me).

Today's breakfast: Weetbix with hot milk and honey, same as every other weekday morning.
Today's lunch: Footlong Pizza sub from Subway... at least I always have all the salads.
Today I have also eaten: A "Rich and Famous" cupcake from BTS Cafe (I'm bad, I know).
Today I have drunk: Water and a mediocre hot chocolate from the organic cafe.

Today I have listened to: H-San singing somewhat tunelessly (the songs were "Rainbow Connection" and something else that currently escapes me... but he's been a World of Crazy this week) and Sugarmonkey making really appallingly bad Wookie noises.
Today I have watched: Cute boys on the bus.
Today I discussed: The Muppet Movies, a new Google Map Directions widget, the definition of a fanboy and Twilight. Only one of these things was work related.
Today's websites have included: Google Reader, Gmail, Blogger, IMDB, Adelaide Now and several work websites.
Today's computer programs were: Photoshop, Firefox, Notepad, Word, Outlook and Acrobat Writer.

Today 1 year ago: I was watching queer themed DVD's.
Today 2 years ago: I blogged about going to the sauna.
Today 4 years ago: Ten days from now, I start a blog. I have no idea that it will happen or what it will mean.
Today 10 years ago: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (the book) is released.
Today 25 years ago: I was 10... and since 8 July 1984 is a Sunday, I have no idea what I was doing.
Today 50 years ago: The first two of 57,939 Americans died in the Vietnam War.
Today 100 years ago: A week after the jailing of suffragettes, the British government reversed a policy of not meeting with the women lobbying for the right to vote.

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