boxes, straws and shoulders

not the most practical of slings, but he's pretty, so we'll let it slideYou know how they say "no good deed ever goes unpunished"?

Welcome to my day...

Actually it may have been the Universe's way of telling me to quit goofing off and get back to work, but either way I'm not impressed.

The workgroup in the pod across the way from The Nut House were on a cleaning frenzy today... not completely sure why, but they were... and at some point in their frenzy a box of stationary and associated crap belonging to us showed up... I have no idea why or how, but it did.

So I took it upon myself to sort out said box (and lock and label our storage cupboards properly just in case they got any funny ideas, or that was where they'd been sticking their noses and found said box)... which then led to my looking at some of the boxes we have in those cupboards and wondering just why we were keeping a lot of that stuff... so I started with the lightest and most interesting box and progressed up to a couple of boxes that had been filled by a former employee who clearly had a paper/printing fetish... seriously, every email, every document, every minor bit of random dross and she'd printed it out and put it in a folder. Cue one very full confidential paper bin.

But somewhere between the first giant box full of that stuff and the second giant box full of very similar stuff that was even heavier, I did a silly thing. Well, a silly thing happened, whether or not I actively caused it is open to debate.

I tweaked something in my shoulder.

That isn't good.

It's the same shoulder that I've dislocated three times and have had reconstructed once. I don't think it was just the boxes though... part of it has to be that it's my dominant arm, as well as the fact that I've been throwing my Crumpler bag up and over my head with that arm for months and months now... but the boxes seem to have been the final camel-adjacent straw... so I'm being very, very, very, very careful with my right arm at the moment. Even the memory of the pain of not only dislocating my arm, but also having the reconstruction done is enough to make me cringe. Not something I want to experience again.

You would think that the Glucosamine I've been taking would have helped in some way (even though it mentions just about every other body part except the shoulder on the side of the bottle)... but if anything I think it's having the opposite effect, not just on my shoulder, but in general... *sigh*... or it feels like that anyway...

Or is there some sort of karmic payback happening for an incident I'm not currently aware of?

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