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what's the connection between art deco buildings and frangipani plants? bracegirdle's divine dark belgian hot chocolate
Well, after an aborted attempt last week due to bad weather, I managed to get down to Glenelg today to partake of some serious photography action.

I was planning on looking around for some "new" instances (new to me anyway) of Benzo street art I'd happened across online as well as checking out the various bits of art deco architecture around the Bay. I think I left here around 10am, so I was able to wander up and down a somewhat deserted Jetty Road (much more deserted than I'm used to anyway) and snap away to my heart's content.

The street art turned out to be really easy to find... as I expected it was just around the corner from the largescale mural in one of the sidestreets... but I'm slightly annoyed with myself that I never bothered going around that corner to see what was there before now!

Anyway I wandered down to the beach, then back up to where I'd left the car, dropped off my jacket and backpack and did another quick wander down to a nearby church, then back to the car and I went in search of another couple of deco buildings that I knew weren't that far away... that led into a wander along the seafront and far too many shots of the water.

Then I drove back to Jetty Road and headed down to Bracegirdles in my ongoing hunt to find the perfect hot chocolate. On the way down there I called J and left a message on his voicemail for him to come and join me if he was up and about. I wasn't sure if I was going to hear back from him or not, but I had my book with me, so I ordered the sinfully tasty Dark Belgian Hot Chocolate (and the hands-down winner so far in the hot chocolate stakes) and spent some time with the very enjoyable work of Martin Amis (I was pleasantly surprised actually, I hadn't expected it to be as good as it's turning out to be).

After three phonecalls and a seemingly large amount of general faffing about on his part, J finally joined me in his new motorcycle jacket which is a vast and sexy improvement over the old shapeless mess he had.

We nattered away for a while, checking out the cute boys as they wandered past the window (I'd snagged the very comfy armchairs by the window for just such a purpose... even if they really were the only free seats left when I got there)... then went for a wander down to the jetty where much more random perving and general photoness happened (ocean, clouds, rusty pylons, etc) before we wandered back to first his bike and then my car. I'd kind of assumed that he would want me to take some shots of him on the bike (I mean what's the point in having a friend who's a photographer if you don't get them to take photos for you), so we found a reasonable bit of sea-frontage to take a few shots in... nothing stellar really, just some quick and random snaps.

Then after a quick stop of at J Central so he could copy the photos I headed home again, driving right through the rain that seemed to be heading from town down to the beach...

So a somewhat long day, in as much as I was out of the house for a good six hours or so... but I made good with the photos.

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