photo friday: bronze nun and haircut friday

its a nun... made of bronze... i have no idea why i took it... and although i didn't take it today (too wet), i did go past her on my way to the marketI went to have my hair cut after work...

As I babbled about doing during my last sugar-fuelled haircut related post, I went and found a completely new salon. I was a little bit early, so I sat there in the "waiting lounge" and felt like a complete and total impostor.

The salon in question was Destination for Men which was started by some random footballer to cater for men. Just men. And the whole thing seems terribly grown up and on that borderline of being hyper-masculine (well except for the queen with the manbag in their looping, and thankfully soundless, in-store commercial). They even offer you complimentary beer or coffee when you get there (I didn't have either... although it would want to be complimentary given the price of the haircut).

Like I said, I was sitting on the big leather sofa and I just felt out of place. I'm so not a grown up... I'm still about 15 inside my head... and I don't especially relate to the concept of being a "man" (note the quotes, we're in the land of stereotypes here). It was just weird.

Once I was called through to the actual salon I was okay (especially since I was the only one in there) because, really, I can talk to most hairdressing girlies until Hell freezes over.

Also not sure how I feel about sitting in front of a floor length mirror... seriously, I'm having my hair done, I don't really need to be able to see my shoes in the mirror. The fact that there were two little flat screen teevee monitors between the three mirrors was nice, plus it gave me and the girly something to talk about.

I'll say this for her though, she was FAST. Maybe its because I was actually paying attention (mostly) to what she was doing, but it all seemed to be over in a flash (not that my hair ever takes a long time to CUT)... and interestingly, she did something I've never had a hairdresser do before, she took me back over to the basin to rinse all the loose hair off my head. Not that it particularly worked that well, I'm still covered in fluff (I'll definitely have to have a shower before I go to bed), but it's the thought.

So I guess the only question is "Will I go back?"... honestly, I don't know, but more because of the price of a haircut than the aforementioned "outcastness". Maybe I'll just go rotating around differing salons for a while... perhaps I can even get my hair cut by a real live homosexual for the first time ever!

Other than that, the day was pretty much slow and quiet. H-San had the day off, and for the first time ever, nothing broke while he was away (woohoo!). It did mean that it was just me and Sugarmonkey for the majority of the day (La Ninj being the Queen of All Meetings Everywhere)... but that's okay, because we generally get along pretty well when it's just the two of us. Actually I had a realisation about that on my way home tonight.

Sugarmonkey, even though he's actually a couple of years younger than I am, is very much like a big brother. When other people are around he'll annoy the living snot out of you, and tease you without mercy, but when its just the two of you, he's fine. Plus he's kinda cool and you want to be a bit like him and make him laugh if you can manage it. I dunno, since I've never had a brother (but then neither has he since he's an only child too), but that's how it feels.

Also, everything I own is currently falling apart. Actually, that's a big fat lie, but I really need a new umbrella, the mechanism that keeps it closed is falling to bits... plus my very expensive $20 watch is starting to show why it only cost $20... the glass covering the face has lifted up a bit on one side and you can now hear it ticking, which I'm pretty sure you couldn't when I first bought it. I'm not really surprised though, since it does keep getting knocked against things (most often the zip of my jacket, but still), and it really has served it's purpose (to see if I could wear a watch without going crazy). The only trouble now is finding a proper watch I like the look of as much as I've grown to like the look of this one.

I also think I might have found us a decent hotel for the trip to Melbourne in October... and because these things have a way of arranging themselves, it turns out that it has an Indian Restaurant in the basement! Although I also entered a competition to see Pink in New York which just happens to be right in the middle of our planned trip (I didn't realise until after I'd entered)... although, really... how likely is it that I'm gunna win!

And now I have a night full of toasted marshmallow and So You Think You Can Dance to look forward to...

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Janek said...

When this loaded in Google Reader, all I saw was the picture and the first line. And then imagined you looking like the nun. And laughed.


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