wednesday questions

questions, questions, too many questionsJust some random questions that have been floating around in my head this fine Wednesday...
  • Why does the first bus that gets to my stop get into town LATER than the bus (and sometimes a third and a fourth bus) that comes along after it?

  • Why do the fire department feel that it's necessary to drive three fire trucks through the streets of Adelaide during peak times?

  • If you stand on the island in the middle of a four lane road and try and hail a taxi, do you really think any of them are going to stop (especially if there's a taxi rank less than 100 metres away)?

  • Why have I been craving savoury/salty things for the past few days?

  • How could I not know that part of the area I go through on my walk is called "Pinky Flat" (I'd heard the name, but just assumed that it was somewhere in the country)?

  • Why does the bulb in your bedside lamp always blow out at the worst possible moment?

  • Why don't I ever get given phones full of naked pictures of rugby players (oh and when the explicit versions finally surface, because they will, can somebody email them to me)?

  • Does Boost Juice swapping from vanilla frozen yoghurt to strawberry frozen yoghurt in a smoothie really warrant giving it a totally different name and pretending like it's new?

  • Why did I fall for The Advertiser's (now that I stop and think about it, fairly obvious) April Fool's Day prank?

  • Why is it that essentially throwing a tantrum sometimes feels like it's the only way to get anything done?

  • What cosmic force has it in for me so that every time I seem to get one thing sorted out, something else that's actually worse looms on the horizon?

  • Is my headache caused by a lack of sleep, the warmer weather or the stress of having to deal with my landlord and his idiotic plans (I'm voting for the last one)?

  • Guess who got laid last night?

  • What the hell am I going to have for dinner tonight?
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Victor said...

The answer to dot point three, if you are in Sydney, is yes. Taxis here will always stop for a pickup somewhere stupid especially if in doing so they are both acting illegally and inconveniencing others.

The Mutant said...

Can I guess the second to last one? Seeing as it wasn't me, and it wasn't me with you, was it just you then?

yani said...

Ah, that makes perfect sense Victor... because she did have TOURIST stamped on her forehead in bright glowing neon letters.

And yes indeedy Mutant... although I am coming to Melbourne later in the year, so given your middle guess, you never know what could happen (unless of course you're just being a big tease :P).


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