photo friday: colours of glass

colours of glassIt was a very "Boy's Club Day" at work today... not in a bad way or anything, it's just that the female contingent of The Nut House weren't around and it was just me, H-San and Sugarmonkey.

It was also one of those days (a little bit like last Thursday) where you don't really want to do the stuff you probably should be doing, so you find any possible distraction that stops you from doing actual work (like, say, doing the first draft of a blog post)... I think I managed to make about two or three things stretch out and last for the whole day.

Speaking of "Boy's Club", last night was that way too, but in a much gayer way. No, get your minds out of the gutter, I didn't have "teh sex"... J came over and we spent the evening chatting and watching episodes of Stephen Fry's QI (Quite Interesting) on J's laptop... and of course we all know that I love me a bit of Stephen Fry action (and I think this is the "gayest" I've ever actually seen him behave... which just makes me love him that little bit more).

And even though J didn't stay all that late, by the time he did leave and I faffed about with one thing and another, it was past midnight... so that's two late nights back to back and I was a touch sleep deprived this morning.

On the plus side J backed up my disobedient external hard drive on his itty bitty teeny tiny external hard drive (I can't remember what brand it is, but I WANT ONE), so if mine DOES die unexpectedly, I won't lose anything. So, result there... but at the same time I'm a little bit weirded out that he's walking around with a copy of EVERYTHING on that drive (I don't care about the porn, he's copied various sections of my vast photo archives on a couple of occasions... it's more the "everything else"... just weird somehow... dunno why).

I picked up a copy of the program for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival at lunch today... mostly on a whim, but there are a bunch of things in there that I wouldn't mind seeing, and it's all going on around Ma's birthday, so I sense at least one birthday-related excursion coming on... not sure what yet, but I'll workshop it with her tomorrow.

And because the fun never stops here at Casa del Yani... I'm probably going to spend the rest of the evening tidying up my apartment (actually, that's lie, it will probably take about 10-15 minutes... it will just feel longer)...

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