unconscious mutterings 325

I swear, J must be psychic or something... I had lunch with him this afternoon, then I was thinking about a conversation I kind of need to have with him and he calls to say he's on his way over.

Granted the whole evening went semi pear-shaped (not because of the conversation though) and part of me kind of wishes that my evening had just gone the way it usually does... but thems the breaks right?

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Lease :: Broken
  2. Dead :: And Buried
  3. Removed :: Sanity
  4. Broke :: Cheap
  5. Lips :: Hot
  6. Flight :: 815
  7. Three hours :: Til Brooklyn (again, so close and yet so far)
  8. Give :: Me Strength
  9. Technical :: Expertise
  10. Hurry :: Up
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