red benzo tikis red benzobot with chinese lantern
Not the best photos ever of Benzo art... but they were in kind of an odd spot, lightwise. And speaking of odd...

It's been an odd day...

I woke up just after 4am, thanks to the wind that picked up around then and was banging the cover of one of the gas meter covers outside my bedroom... I lay there thinking that I could either get up and do something about it (which would involve trudging all the way to the end of the apartment block, then all the way back up to where the meter was) or I could lay there and ignore it. I went with Option B, but couldn't get back to sleep so ended up tossing and turning for just over an hour.

So by the time I'd finished my walk (complete with a knee that kept "complaining") and did everything I needed to do, I was in kind of a foul mood as I headed off to work.

When I got to work I had a Berocca and can I just ask... have they always tasted so godawful... I haven't had one of the original "flavour" ones for ages and it just tasted nasty... and didn't help my mood.

Also in the "Urgh Boo Hiss" column was the fact that I had a meeting in the morning that was going to run through lunch that I really didn't want to go to... followed (in theory anyway) by another meeting I was supposed to just be sitting in on which would have run for the rest of the day... BLAH!

Then my day just started to turn around... nothing big happened, I just started feeling better and things didn't seem quite so bleak (it did helped that I had some useful yet essentially timewasting work to do). Then I got a phonecall saying that my morning meeting was cancelled (woohoo)... then I got an SMS from Ma saying that the stupid people at Optus are "harassing" her about upgrading her phone again (which is interesting, because I have the exact same phone, the exact same plan, bought from the same place at the same time and they NEVER call me... thankfully), and instead of just SMSing her back, I went into one of the meeting rooms and called her.

While I was on the phone it beeped a couple of times to tell me that I had a message... I figured it was probably Stu... but no, turned out it was J... he was coming into the city and wanted to know if I wanted to have lunch with him (actually I treated him to lunch since he's now an impoverished "mature aged student"... and he's not happy about the "mature aged" bit either *grin*)... woohoo...

It's good to see him live and in person again... we also pulled our usual comedy act on the serving staff at Subway (not intentionally, it's just what we do), so it's nice to know that he's the same J as always... possibly a little more grown-up (although I'm not betting on it), but essentially the same.

And we won't discuss the fact that I accidentally threw my sunglasses in the bin (one hand paper and sunglasses, other hand empty bottle... whoops, still have the drink bottle) on the way out and had to go ferreting around to find them (thankfully Subway bins are mostly full of paper)...

I decided as I was coming back that even though I was more or less in time for the afternoon meeting, they really didn't need me sitting at the back of the room watching everything, so I stayed at my desk and did some real work instead.

And other than the long and rather tedious conversation with H-San (mostly because he wanted to do SOMETHING about a particular issue and I wanted to do NOTHING) late in the day (which then resulted in me not realising that it was actually time to go home) it was a pretty good afternoon.

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