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elmo's world oppositesThings that have annoyed me today...
  • The 90% of boys with those stupid asymmetrical "emo" haircuts who just look like floppy haired crap
  • People who dawdle on CBD footpaths at 8am
  • Senseless government bureaucracy in the workplace
  • People who don't consider others on public transport, both when it comes to getting on and off as well as those who have long noisy conversations on their mobile phones
  • Deviating from my usual lunchtime routine and ending up buying crap food.
  • Permanently extending Daylight Savings, but not aligning us to the appropriate time zone for our geographic location
  • Promotions for stupid sporting events cluttering up the Mall
  • Losing the card that had the names of the two hairdressers Tink recommended to replace her
And things that I've appreciated...
  • The 10% of boys with those stupid asymmetrical "emo" haircuts who look gorgeous (although they do encourage the other 90%, which is bad)
  • Recognising cute, pierced "Urban Suitage" (ie a dude in a suit or general businesswear) from his Gaydar profile
  • The gorgeous and well built blonde Army man in uniform
  • Aesthetically appealing AEU (Accidentally Exposed Underwear)
  • Mr Plumber Man who arrive on my doorstep within an hour of making the phonecall to the agent (and who had a really nice ass, even though he wasn't that appealing othewise)
  • A much quieter flush on my toilet
  • Most of the people I work with (the other ones I don't appreciate so much)
  • The flavour combination of chocolate and pretzels
  • passiveagressivenotes.com
  • Having Haircut Day on Friday
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