photo friday: the week that was

toy soldier's monster kingWhen none of the photos that you tried to take today work out, default to street art...

And now... since I haven't really done any "blogging diary" entries this, here's the week that was...

Monday: Discovered that I didn't win any tickets to any of the movies I entered competitions for (and it was even worse because H-San did win tickets to one of them *sulk*). J came over in the evening, much annoyance and gnashing of teeth occurred due to new stupid external hard drive and my overly stupid and antiquated computer.

Tuesday: Bought a box of cupcakes (with flavour names like Carrie, Mr Big, The OC, Drama Queen and Elvis) from BTS Cafe (which in theory stands for "Better Than Sex", but the girls in the shop would neither confirm nor deny that). J called me to tell me that he'd bullied, cajoled and lied his way to getting the store to replace the busted hard drive with one that had twice as much space. Saw an outstanding movie. Followed this up with having a lovely young gentleman visit me late in the evening for a little B&D sex play.

Wednesday: Woke up half an hour late (partially because of aforementioned sex), skipped my walk and just went back to bed instead. Bought $200 worth of tickets (three different shows, two tickets each) to the Cabaret Festival in June, picked up some new underwear on sale, found The Celluloid Closet on DVD.

Thursday: Wore the new Pierre Cardin undies I bought yesterday (not impressed, no support at all... or else I needed a smaller size). Got rained on at lunch, Sugarmonkey gave me shit, got rained on going home, went to the supermarket to do my shopping (Saturday being Anzac Day and all). Bought stuff, got takeout, came home, watched teevee.

Friday: Wore the Underdaks undies I bought on Wednesday (much better, support, leg elastic, the whole deal... forgot to remove the "Inspected By" sticker from them though). Got slightly rained on during my morning walk (had my umbrella though), but avoided the rain for the rest of the day. Had a pointless (and long) meeting (the cancelled one from last week), still not sure why (or what it was about). Was reminded that a guy I used to work fills out the crotch of his jeans very impressively. Called the cute stocky (and totally gay) boy at Boost "darl" again.

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