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that's a well packed easter basketOkay... officially knackered now...

I tell you what... every time there's some sort of holiday that involves time off and the shops being shut, people go just a little bit nutso. Actually this all started on Thursday when I attempted (somewhat foolishly in hindsight) to go to Haighs at lunchtime to get Ma an appropriate Easter present. I went to two different Haighs stores... in one they were lined up right out of the door (filling the entire shop to be honest), in the other it wasn't quite as bad, but they didn't have the thing I was looking for.

I don't think I've ever attempted to visit Haighs the day before Easter... it was an eye opener, I'll tell you that much!

But even just regular shopping seemed to slightly harder work than usual... there were certainly more people around... and when we were finished there was only one checkout chick working (well one regular one and the "11 items or less" one). Everything worked out okay in the end though.

my easter presents... the stuff at the top is from ma, the fish and the frog i bought myself... and yes that is a metal bananaAfter we were done with the Ritual Shopping we headed off to the Haighs Factory on Greenhill Road. I was fully prepared for there to be lines of people out the door and it to be a total insane asylum, but actually it wasn't too bad... I think there was even a coachload of Japanese tourists there while we were there, and still it was manageable. Sadly they didn't have the "half egg with fluffy duck" I'd originally intended to get Ma, but it didn't really matter in the end (plus, seriously, what is a woman in her 60's going to do with a fluffy duck... on second thoughts, don't answer that)... although with what I bought her and what I bought myself, I can honestly say that I've NEVER spent that much in Haighs ever before...

The chocolate is totally worth it though. Plus we got given some free chocolate by the nice lady wandering around with a big bowl of the stuff three times. Woohoo!

The next part of the plan (after a quick stop off at my place so all that chocolate wasn't sitting around in the car in the sun all afternoon) was to head down to the beach with the full intention of flying our new kites. But of course there wasn't all that much wind today. So instead of doing the "trying and failing" thing we opted to just wander up and down Semaphore Road and then Jetty Road at Glenelg.

A semi-interesting sidebar about Semaphore Road... there's an apartment block that sits down towards the beach end of Semaphore Road and I can't help but smile internally ever time I go past it. Partially because I once spent a very pleasant Sunday morning in one of the apartments with an attractive and generously endowed young gentleman... but the flatmate of said gentleman who was passed out asleep at the time of the liaison (and who still lives in said apartment as far as I know) is somebody I've been flirting with on and off for some time. So the apartment block gives me a mental happy...

Semaphore Road really is that mix between trying to be upmarket and kinda trailer trash (sort of like the guy I've been flirting with actually)... but we still managed to waste a bit of time there before we headed down to Glenelg.

blue beast street art at glenelgGlenelg was pretty much the way Glenelg always is... maybe a tiny bit more crowded than you would usually expect for this time of year... but then it is Easter and the start of the school holidays (which I will have to remember on Tuesday when catching the bus... in theory they should all be running much earlier... and also be much emptier... sorry, just a little mental note to myself there).

We did the wander thing up and down Jetty Road too... I spotted some new street art (as seen to the right) in one of the little side alleys... we bought some bits and pieces, although nothing major or particularly noteworthy, then went to have a late lunch at that most awesome of fish and chip shops... Chips.

Yum, yum, yum and double yum. The burgers there are just awesome, and the chips are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, just like they're supposed to be.

We probably only started heading back to my place at around 3pm, but ever since the clocks have gone back it suddenly feels a lot later than it actually is (and I mean a LOT later, not just an hour).

And after I ended up with a fair amount of chocolate in my fridge, I don't know that I'm really in the mood for any of it right now... typical really...

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