photo friday: red letter day

okay, so i tweaked the colour of the grass... i was going for a look...Okay, that post title is a big fat lie... it wasn't a "red letter day" at all... it was just a "red wearing day"... red polo shirt, red sneakers, red underwear, red bag...

And the photo is about as contrived as the post title... I kept having this visual image in my head all day long... very green grass, my red shoes and dark blue jeans... but when I got home and went to take the photo, well, grass is never as green up close as you think it is from a distance... but I did manage to pretty much recreate my vision (possibly I should have had my feet closer together, but you get that)...

I'm still having a love/hate relationship with those shoes... I adore the way they look, and today I loved that they worked in nicely with the symphony of red I had going on... but damn I'm glad to get them off once I get home!

Bless Sugarmonkey... he may be a pain in the ass on a semi-regular basis, but he's a sweet boy on occasion. He lent me a copy of the Watchmen graphic novel (woohoo), and since he actually has a second hardback copy he did say that if I wanted this copy I could have it for minimal cash money (double woohoo)... I have to read the thing first, but it is a tempting offer.

It's been one of those weeks... busy, occasionally annoying, periodically stressful, but not that bad. I was having a conversation with the newest member of the team, Little Miss Bipolar when completely and totally out of nowhere La Ginga Ninja said that it was good to have me back or something to that effect. I know that I'm glad to be back, but it's nice to know that they're glad to have me back (and I think they all are, even though Sugarmonkey would never admit it).

Having said that though... I'm really glad it's the weekend!

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