unconscious mutterings 324

It's actually been a mostly hideously dull Easter weekend... I haven't done a damn thing of interest (other than perhaps the Saturday stuff but I would have done a lot of that anyway)... and to be honest, part of me is going to be glad to get back to work tomorrow, how tragic is that (part of that is the boredom thing, part of it is the fact that my apartment is no longer The Fortress of Solitude it once was).

On the potential up side, J is back in the country (if not the state just yet)... on the down side I have to engage in the ritual headfuck that is a Norton Subscription Update...

Squashed banana... Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Animal :: Attraction
  2. Temporary :: Staff
  3. Moan :: Groan
  4. Rapid :: Pain relief
  5. That's for me to say :: And you to find out... no, wait, that's not right
  6. City :: Livin'
  7. Bumper :: To Bumper
  8. Eclipse :: Moon
  9. Problematic :: Life
  10. If? :: I was your girl oh the things I'd do to you (with big love to Miss Janet)
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