underwear drawer sunday

underwear drawer for illustrative purposes only - definitely not my underwear drawer, although it does give me an ideaHasn't been particularly thrilling day... woke up to rain, but daylight thanks to end of Daylight Savings (about freakin time).

Slightly stale hot cross buns for breakfast, weren't nice, didn't finish them. Need new computer, this one turning into slow, annoying piece of crap.

Still reading Watchmen, more complex than I assumed.. going to buy it from Sugarmonkey though. Watched Dark Knight special features - no interviews with the actors, nothing specifically about Heath, seemed weird somehow.

Went shopping briefly mid-afternoon, shops still really busy (what's up with that?), bought things I didn't really need, but will come in handy. Knee still weird, could be the amount of walking on Saturdays maybe?

About to go sort out/organise underwear drawer, fun never stops.

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