happy 2009

2009 - the international year of natural fibresWelcome to 2009, the International Year of Natural Fibres...

Technically the sheets in the image probably AREN'T satin made from silk, but they could be, and that's the main thing...

Happy New Year boys and girls (okay, mostly boys I guess)!

Sharp eyed and regular visitors might have noticed that I didn't post my Wish List as usual on New Years Eve... that's because I didn't do one this year. I've done one every year since 2002, but I think that particular ship may have well and truly sailed. All I really want from the coming year is to be content... not necessarily outrageously happy or anything, just content.

I saw the new year in in my traditional manner... I spent a big chunk of the day getting the house passably tidy (I swept, I dustbusted, I tidied... I didn't scrub anything), although I did forget to not only change my bedding but also do the dishes (luckily I remembered both around 11pm, so they were done before midnight)... and then I picked out a few favoured titles from my Christmas DVD haul and had myself a little filmfest.

This year it was Iron Man followed by three of the gayest titles possible... High School Musical, Another Gay Sequel and Torch Song Trilogy.

Yes, yes... I finally succumbed to HSM, and I have to say, while I'm not going to be raving about it at the top of my lungs, I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than I thought I would. But lord, it's just gayer than Christmas... and had I not followed it up with the supremely gay AGS, then I would have said it was gayer than buttsex... but if anything is gayer than buttsex, it's AGS!

My cinematic new year was finished off with the very first gay movie I ever saw (I'm not even sure when the hell I first saw it, but I know it was the first)... and Torch Song remains one of my favourite movies to this day.

And other than interrupting TST briefly to see the official countdown and the start of the Sydney fireworks on teevee (and setting the VCR to tape Can't Stop The Music... see, gayest New Years ever!) that was about my night.

So here's hoping that everybody had an enjoyable, if not eventual, New Years and that the year ahead is going to be a very good year!

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Tom said...

Happy New Year!

Victor said...

Happy 2009 Yani. Oh, and there were sheets on that bed? I only had eyes for the man.

Peter said...

Yani, may most of your dreams and wishes come true in 2009!


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