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M'eh... First-Day-Backitis... oh, and thank you to the mysterious somebody (could be one of the cleaners, could be anybody really) who stole the water bottle from my desk while I was away. And it was one of the big Pump ones too... grrrr!

Very annoying... which doesn't at all segue into Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Confirmation :: Email
  2. Verse :: Poetry
  3. Authorise :: Web Publishing
  4. Blog :: Mine
  5. Thirty :: Three and a Third
  6. Heir :: Apparent
  7. What are you doing? :: Typing this, what do you think I'm doing?
  8. Complaint :: Whine
  9. Leave :: Me Alone
  10. Tune :: i

UPDATE: (Tuesday) Ahem... *looks sheepish*... I realised when I was in the shower this morning that the last time I saw my water bottle was on Christmas Eve, when we were having morning tea at work, and I had the bottle with me. I also didn't remember bringing it back to my desk. Sure enough, when I looked in the spot I'd been sitting, there it was, large as life... hehe

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