fricken kittens, rainbows and cordless things

a kitten crapping a rainbow, what could be fricken cuter than that!A kitten crapping a rainbow, what could be fricken cuter than that!

Well, as I said during yesterday's retail orientated rant... if everything went according to plan with the installation of my cordless mouse and cordless keyboard this morning it would be all "rainbows, sunshine and fluffy kittens"...

See the kitten? See the rainbow? See the scatological humour?

I'm not completely happy with either the process or the result, but I am currently typing this on my new sleek black cordless keyboard (and it's going to take me a while to get used to it, since it's just different enough from the old one to make life interesting).

After I got up this morning and fired up the computer I took a deep cleansing breath and went through the installation instructions for a second time from the beginning... plugged that in there, put batteries in this, inserted software there, unplugged the other thing... except that I plugged the receiving unit into my USB hub rather than the back of the computer (just to see if that made any difference).

Then the software did it's thing, but it did what I thought yesterday was a complete install and then went back to the "install software" screen, so yesterday I just stopped it... this morning I went with the "let's just keep hitting continue until something happened" approach. Which worked out much better, if more annoyingly so... the software, instead of installing all the drivers and all the stuff all in one big hit, did them one at a time and kept defaulting back to the original screen once it had, so I was never quite sure when it was actually finished (in the end, once everything worked, I just took the CD out).

Once everything was working I figured I could try it in the USB slot at the back of the computer. Er, no. Mouse worked, keyboard didn't... so now the external harddrive is plugged into the spare slot and the receiver is plugged into the hub... not quite the outcome I was looking for, but it all works! Woo to the fricken hoo!

(And thanks Tom for making me paranoid about the battery thing... you know I'm going to have to have a set of each kind of battery on standby somewhere in the house now, right?)

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