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madge hadn't been home after her night of clubbing, but she figured she could fit some time in at coles before the drugs wore offHello, and welcome to today's edition of "I'm Really Annoyed", I'm your host, Yani McYanister... now, let's play our game!

I'm SUPPOSED to be typing this to you on my brand spanky new Logitech Cordless Desktop LX310 Laser system... but do you think, when I connected all the bits and pieces and pressed all the buttons and gizmos and widgets and whatnots that it would actually work?

Of course it freakin well wouldn't... and the instructions that come with it aren't any kind of helpful, and there are three little lights on the "Reciever", one is A, one is F and the last one is 1... do you think I know what the hell any of those lights or letters mean... hell no, because it's not in the freakin instructions is it.


See, this is what happens when I make snap decisions and don't go off and dither about stuff for several weeks...

Anyway, until I tried to do the whole "make technology work" thing, it had been a fairly full, but very productive day.

There really isn't any need to go into the Supermarket Safari, mostly I bought fruit and/or vegetables, but I did pick up some lamingtons for Monday (as though they're all going to last that long) and what is essentially a slab of little cups of fruit for a low, low price (12 x 140g tubs for $5, which seems reasonable to me). And big raspberry at Coles for no longer having the 2 for $5 special on Iced Coffee... but yay for Woolworths who do...

Then once Operation Drop Off was complete we headed down to Arndale... damn you Big W and your low, low prices on DVDs... and double damn The Reject Shop for having episodes of Lonely Planet Six Degrees for $3. And actually, damn me too for not picking up the London episode of LP6D when we saw it last week, because naturally it wasn't there this week (*grrrr*)... on the upside one of the other ones was. I also spent "too much money" on other DVDs... not as much as I theoretically could have spent, you have to know how to pace yourself with these things, and when to put things back because, really, you don't really want them, you just think you might.

Next up we decided to head down to Marion... they have a Reject Shop down there, so you never know... plus I wanted to look around at the aforementioned cordless mouses and keyboards *mutter mutter*.

Now Ma has been nattering on about getting one of those Japanese (Chinese, whatever) paper parasoles for MONTHS... seriously... but she never quite gets her act together (plus I think she's expecting them to be UV resistant or something... honey, it's freakin paper!), but one of the stores down at Marion had them for 30% off... and you know how I can't resist a bargain. But she was still umming and ahhhing about it, so I said "pick a colour", with the intention of buying it for her... and even then she couldn't make a lifestyle choice. So eventually I just picked the green one that I liked and bought her that. Whether it's going to be something she uses ongoingly or whether it will be a flash in the pan I have no idea, and you know, I don't much care. She was happy with it, and grateful and whatever, and that's the main thing.

Also in the "bargain" column I found the "Daily Bitch" desk calendar at one of those mid-mall calendar stalls where everything was 75% off... $25, down to $7, woohoo...

I'm sure we probably bought some other bits and pieces, but don't ask me what, I have no idea (oh, yeah, that's right... I bought a red polo shirt and Ma bought step ladders)... it did however culminate in going into Big W and buying the Cordless Desktop set. I thought I was getting a good deal... it had been $130 other places we'd looked, but they had it for $80... which is good, right. Except the fucking thing won't work (it's okay, I'll try it again in the morning, and I might be all rainbows, sunshine and fluffy kittens).

Once we were all shopped out we stopped and had some late lunch at this cute little "Organic Green" cafe place... very cute (seriously, I would totally incorporate a bunch of the stuff in there if I won the lottery and was designing a superkitchen) and they do an outstanding chicken schnitzel burger too.

The only other thing we did before we left Marion was grab one of those big storage boxes... I decided that since I'm fast running out of space for DVDs, I could take all my photo albums (that I haven't looked at in FOREVER) out of the little tiny bookcase behind the chair and replace them with DVDs. Which ended up working quite well... although now I have "nostalgia face" because I suddenly have the overwhelming desire to go through all those photos and look at my pre-digital work! (Actually I still have a third of them here, they wouldn't all go in the box I got... so I can have at least partial nostalgia face)

On the way home we decided to call of at The Christmas Shop, Ma never actually got a visit in before Christmas this year, and I wanted to have a look at what they might have had left. Man, what a difference a month and a half makes! I want to say that a fair amount of their stock had gone... but, you know what, I think it had just been moved from the first room you come to into all the other rooms. Plus they seemed to have turned the airconditioning off in every room other than the front one so the place was kinda like an oven after you'd been in there a while... and compared to the half dozen staff they had then, there was one lone, and slightly cute if a little dopey, boy manning the store today. Not surprising really, but kinda interesting.

Like I did before Christmas with toy soldiers, Ma went a little wacky on snowman related merchandise... and all the Christmas stuff was 20% off too *grrr* (hehehe... not that I would have wanted to wait, not everything I got before Christmas was still there, and I got the enjoyment out of it this year which is the main thing). I did see a plastic "crystal" toy soldier though, so that's been added to the collection. I was also proud of myself... there were a few other toy soldiers of varying kinds around the place (most of which I hadn't spotted last time), but they were either the wrong colour or just generally not quite right (although there was one that was a photo frame ornament that was pretty perfect, but it said "Grandpa's Christmas Wanker" or something on it... yeah okay, obviously it didn't say that, but I can't remember what it DID say... but I put it back).

And now the cordless desktop box is sitting on my bed next to me and smirking at me... okay, maybe it's not "smirking", but it's mocking me with it's non-working boxness... bloody thing...

Thank god I have beer...

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Tom said...

I don't think I've ever been in a Christmas Shop outside of December. Do they sell other stuff or is it really just Christmas things?

And what's a cordless desktop set? I'm probably being thick! :P

yani said...

This particular one does... it has a whole "room" of stuffed toys (those Beanie Bear things, amongst other things), and they had a bunch of Valentine's Day stuff (again, mostly of the stuffed variety).

And I make no claims on your thickness or lack of same... it's a cordless/wireless keyboard and a cordless/wireless mouse, but in the same box (hence the "set" part)... basically I was just copying what it says on the side of the box.

Tom said...

Ah, OK, that makes sense! I've given up with cordless stuff as they eat up batteries just when you need them, so I'm old-school wired again now!

And I suppose "Christmas Shop" does sound a bit better than "Assorted Gifts and Random Tat and Crap Shop". "P

yani said...

Christmas Shop does indeed sound better, especially when 90% of your gear IS Christmas orientated... :P

And thanks for the battery paranoia!


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