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hardware cardsIt's been a bit of a mixed up day today...

Today was Ma's Haircut Day, so I went shopping all on my ownsome this morning... technically I was finished far earlier than usual, but I hung around waiting for Red Circle to open (and then didn't actually buy anything), and had to go back out again once I got home to go visit The Honey Man (I forgot to take one of my containers).

He's an odd duck, that Honey Man... nice as nice can be, but a little bit vague sometimes, and the way he says goodbye always makes me think that he's kind of saying/thinking "Okay, we've completed our financial transaction, leave my store now"... but I guess hanging out all day alone in a big warehouse full of honey with nothing but the occasional stray bee to keep you company might do that to you...

Anyway, by the time I was all done with all my errands and whatever, Ma turned up at my place, so it was pretty good timing all around.

But we had no plans, no desperate errands, no nothing going on this weekend, so we just kind of winged it. We started off with a wander around Arndale, poked around in Big W (and bought a storage container to put my toy soldier collection in), but that was pretty much it.

Then we decided to take a little trip down to the Homemaker Centre at Mile End... for no particular reason, but after some yummy sausage sizzle action outside, we headed into Bunnings... now normally if we go into one of those huge hardware stores it's for something specific, and we go in, we get it, we come out... but today we just ended up wandering around for a while and bought a bunch of random stuff... I bought some sturdy dowel that I'm going to use next year to hang my toy soldiers from (I think I'm going to do some form of paint job on it first, just not sure what)... of course when I got it home, it's way longer than I actually need, but I don't know anybody with a saw... where's J when you need him?

They also had these really tacky "rechargeable festive nightlight" packs on sale. Basically it's a plastic Santa, a plastic tree and a plastic snowman, and they have lights in them, you put them on the base to recharge and then you can use them as a festive nightlight or whatever. Too tacky for words, right! So naturally I had to have a set (hey they were really cheap).

After that we wandered around Howard's Storage World (nice, but man their stuff is expensive) and a couple of the other furniture/lighting stores before we called it a day. When we got back to my place we made some tasty steak sandwiches (using "black tomatoes") and watched the finale of Heroes (which I'd totally forgotten about on Thursday, but luckily Ma taped it).

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Sunshine said...

Bunnings ... butch; Howard's Storage World ... not so much. ;)


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