dotpoint sunday

batman, robin and mr polka dot... i dunno why, it was dot related okayA big lot of "nothing" happened today... so here's some dot points about it...
  • Today had that "last day of School Holidays" vibe about it... which I guess technically it is, and even though I've only been away for a week and a half it feels like infinitely longer.
  • I rearranged all my tchotchka last night... took it all down, dusted everything, put it all back in new and interesting ways. And of course, I hate where everything is now! I'm either going to learn to live with it over the coming week or next Sunday I'm going to pull it all down and start again.
  • After serving me well these past four years, my Livestrong bracelet finally gave up the ghost this afternoon. I'd taken it off and when I went to put it back on it just went "snap" and that was that. Fortunately, when I bought it in Melbourne, I bought a spare... you know, just in case. So now I'm wearing the spare.
  • I can't decide whether to go into work in full "work drag" tomorrow of not. Sugarmonkey mentioned something before Christmas about sticking to casual gear during this coming week, and I never like to pass up an opportunity to go "cas"... but I'm undecided, if I do and he doesn't I'll feel like a shlub... if he does and I don't I'll still feel like a shlub.
  • Due to a slight amount of cabin fever, and the aforementioned "back to schoolness" of the day I had to get out of the house for a little while earlier. Honestly, I shouldn't have bothered and should just have stayed home and put another DVD on.
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Jeremiah Andrews said...

I really love reading your blog. You have a way with words, that I can't even begin to duplicate. It is such a joy to read your daily entries. I lived vicariously through you over the holidays and it was great fun.

Cas is in my friend as long as you can get away with it.


Tom said...

I've a spare, a spare for the spare, and a spare for the spare for the spare Livestrong bracelet, not that I wear mine very often any more. If you want one send me an email and I'll stick one in the post for you. :)

yani said...

LOL Tom, I might take you up on that... but there's no rush, since the last one held in there for years and years and years... maybe I'll have to get it in person the next time I'm in Sydney... ;)

And you can be as vicarious as you like Jeremy, so long as you spell my name right :P (thanks for the compliment though, really)


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