photo friday: wattle sky

wattle skyHot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot... with a side order of sweaty...

The "heatwave" continues... although the temperature is supposed to drop to a reasonable level overnight, so I'll try and pump in as much "night air" as I can. And the daytime temperature is going to be dropping a little bit every day for the next week according to the forecast... although nowhere near enough in my books.

Last night I stopped doing the million and one things I'd done the night before to try and give me that extra "cooling edge"... all it had done was made me even hotter when they stopped working, so last night I just let it all go and let myself BE in the heat. It wasn't great, but I'm still alive, so it can't have been that bad.

And today was my last day at work. It was kind of a dull day... nothing much of anything happened, I cleaned out some emails, I wrote my final email newsletter, chased up one of two last minute things, I cleaned all the crap off my desk (actually I've been doing that in stages... I started on Wednesday because I knew I wouldn't get everything in my bag all at once) and left the desk pretty much the way I found it (ie empty).

It was an odd last day... it was just me and Sugarmonkey and Captain Slow... both H-San and Rockchick had the day off... but it was a cruisy kind of day, which was good. Plus we all went out for gelati at 3pm... and it had already partially melted by the time we walked the short distance back to work.

I also had lunch with Stu... originally the plan was for him just to swing by and pick something up (giraffes for Mrs Stu), but his day obviously cleared up after I spoke to him last night and we went off to Fasta Pasta (and had salads).

So, yeah... now I just have to wait and see what happens on the work front... or just wait until the end of March...

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Tom said...

A tip from someone who follows me on Twitter which I found to work when it was scorchio here last week - when the cool change comes open the window and point the fan out of it for 10mins - it'll suck out the hot air. Then turn the fan back around. :)

yani said...

I'll give that a try once the temperature drops properly, because right at the moment it doesn't seem to matter WHAT I do, nothing gets the cool air inside... it was all windy and cool last night, but for some reason even though I was up until about 2am, I couldn't get the cool from outside to inside.

*le sigh*


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