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more successful shopping

Saturday, January 10, 2009

shopping trolley chairWell, today has probably been the most successful "Post Christmas" shopping excursion we've had this year... although I think Ma made out better than me...

Maybe it was because of where we went, or maybe it was because we essentially had all day (since it's Mikado Night) to waste... I dunno...

As always we started with the very early Supermarket Safari (and as always I was very pleased to see Blonde Produce Guy when we got there... nummy)... but other than the aforementioned numminess, nothing of much excitement happened (so nothing new there), although Ma did go a little nuts on purchases in Red Circle... mostly DVDs, but she also found a red handbag she liked... which turned into something of a theme for the day...

After Ritual Unpacking, we headed into town, since it's about the only one of our regular haunts that we haven't been to since Christmas (well that and the fact that JB Hi Fi was having a 20% off all DVDs sale). Turns out it was a very good move (and not just because of the DVDs).

First stop was Myer and this year's pitiful left over Christmas decorations... not anything like last year. We did find some good quality wrapping paper and gift bags cheap though, which is always a bonus. Then we headed down to JB...

JB has never been one of my favourite places for buying DVDs... not because they're not cheap, because often they are, and they do have a fairly good range most of the time but because of the way they arrange everything (and would it kill them to have a Queer Cinema section?). I'm not often looking for something specific, I just want to see what they have on sale, see what's cheap, then work out if there's anything I want... but they insist on arranging everything alphabetically, which can be a pain in the arse. However, what with 20% off, I sucked it up and looked up and down all the shelves. I'm sure I missed stuff, but I did find a few things.

Actually I went down there yesterday (and bought some of the Doctor Who DVDs... then Ma bought me some more of them today to put away for my birthday), and then H-San went once I got back to work, but he couldn't find the things he wanted. So when I was in there today and saw one of the things he'd been looking for (which I wanted too) I decided that I might as well "suck up to the boss" a little bit, so I called him and ended up buying him a copy. Brownie Points... check!

By this point we were somewhat loaded up with stuff... what with five rolls of wrapping paper and a bunch of gift bags and whatnot... then we stopped off at one of the bag stores and Ma found ANOTHER handbag she liked... it was kind groovy actually... the bag itself is clear PVC, but then there's a whole, separate cloth bag inside that... it's all silver, white and clear... very nice. Although, as always when I'm with her and there are handbags involved, there was a lot of Standing Around, Looking At Stuff and Deciding... *sigh*

Next stop was Borders, not so much for "looking at books" as seeing if they had anything interesting on sale, and also to get a spot of lunch/snackage. I did buy one of their little nylon carrier bags to stick in my Crumpler bag though (since eventually they're going to get rid of all the plastic shopping bags). And there was some groovy stuff, but nothing, you know, either essential or cheap enough to be irresistible.

Then we stopped off in *shudder* Harris Scarfe (one of my least favourite stores), since what Ma really wanted was a cute and tiny little handbag to take to the theatre with her tonight. Fortunately we did actually find one (although see my earlier comment about handbag shopping). So that was three handbags in one day, something of a record I think.

We had thought about going back to the car, dropping everything off and then coming back, but there wasn't really much of anything else that we wanted, so we decided to call it quits (although we did take a brief detour so Ma could get something specific for her bestest gal-pal's birthday).

Then it was back here for Frog Cakes and general rest and recouping (Ma is in the other room watching Hogfather as we speak while I'm doing the typing thing) before we have to get organised and then it's dinner and a show...

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Tom Monday, January 12, 2009 12:46:00 pm  

I like that trolley-chair!

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