unconscious mutterings 312

Hmmmm... let's see... I have two weeks (officially) left at work, we're looking at a week of hot weather, I've had a headache you could split logs with all day and I've been consuming water by the bucketload today (which means I have to pee every five minutes)... so, in general, boo!

On the upside, we used the money in the "swear jar" at work (it was originally the "slush fund", then somewhere along the line it got turned into a seldom enforced swear jar, so obviously I've contributed a fair bit to it) to go and buy gelati this afternoon... well, Sugarmonkey and I had gelati, H-San and Rockchick were all "gelati isn't real icecream, blah blah blah". But $3.50 for three reasonable sized scoops of gelati in a cup isn't bad... mmmm lemon, banana and chocolate...

Which just leaves the Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Arrival :: Departure
  2. Vomit :: Comet
  3. Fit :: Fat
  4. Stutter :: Rap
  5. Lifestream :: Final Fantasy VII
  6. Tread :: Tyre
  7. Desire :: Want
  8. Freezing :: I #&$*@ wish
  9. Permit :: Allow
  10. Crinkle :: Cut

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