random animal hotness

Today's double Random Hotness comes from Greek artist and photographer, Dimitris Yeros. They're from his series, "For A Definition Of The Nude" which feature nudes with animals (obviously).

One of my favourite shots that I didn't feature here (due to the full frontal, or perhaps "side-al", nudity) is "andras gourouni" or "man and piglet".

man and goatman and butterfly
man and monkeyman and sheep

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Tom said...

Ha ha, what were you googling for this time? The mind boggles. :P

No way I'd trade places with the goat-boy, goats nibble on things.

yani said...

LOL, you funny *rolls eyes* :P

Actually I wasn't goggling anything... I was flicking through an old copy of Blue magazine (#48 in fact), and this guy was featured.


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