photo friday: flagging

big, big, big, big australian flagBehold, the joy and wonder that are Friday Dot Points...
  • I know it doesn't look it in the photo, but this is the massive Australian flag that flies over Victoria Square (aka Tarndanyangga)... oddly I can't find anything on Google about the height of the flagpoles or the size of the flags... MASSIVE though, take my word for it).
  • The reason for the flagness? Monday is Australia Day... so suddenly, in addition to the flags that are around all year, the Australian flag is popping up all over.
  • On the upside, Monday is a Public Holiday *makes happy face even though I don't get paid for it*... on the downside, it means that I only have four days left at work *makes sad face*.
  • It seems like whenever Sugarmonkey and Rockchick have the same day off (usually it's a Friday) and it's just H-San and me left holding the fort, the universe has a tendency to fall down around our ears. Today we both spent the entire morning (and I mean literally the whole morning, from just after 8am until noon) cleaning attempted "hacker code" out of pretty much every page on two of our (thankfully) smaller web platforms. Satisfying once it was done, but oh lord the boredom and the collective insanity!
  • I watched Shortbus last night. And I'm nearly at the end of it when I notice that the character of Caleb has a tattoo on his arm... a seahorse tattoo... which looks familiar. Because really, how many "gay American actors" are there going to be in the world with seahorse tattoos on their right bicep? Turns out he also played the lead vampire in the wrongness that was The Lair... and I didn't pick up on him being the same actor when I watched it back in July. Weird...
  • Also of the weirdness was the "preteen Asian pit crew" that I saw as I was coming home from my walk this morning. Okay, they weren't acutally pit crew, but they all had red jumpsuits on (with a kicky little white stripe on the legs) at 7 in the morning, which I think is slightly overdressed. I thought originally (and from a distance) that they were some sort of emergency service workers, but on closer inspection they all looked to be around 11 or 12.
  • They were probably something to do with the Tour Down Under... because I tell you, the whole city seems to have gone either Lance Armstrong Mad or just generally Cycling Crazy... bikes everywhere, cyclists everywhere (unfortunately they're not any of the official riders and seem to mostly be in the 50+ age bracket who think "official" cycling gear is a good look for them... NOT). Blah blah blah... is it over yet?
  • The Borders bag I bought the other week kicks ass!
  • My mouse totally failed on me this morning... that's the third time it's done that since Christmas... so I'm thinking that it might be time to invest in some new hardware, maybe something cordless. I think the problem is the way the cord gets bent off to the side thanks to my "computer desk", so cordless seems like the way to go.
  • Given the week I've had, I forgot to stop at the bottle shop and buy booze on my way home (which will make twice in the last three months that I've bought booze)... so I might just have to do that now before I start making dinner.

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