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i wanna climb into the fridge tooThe name of game today was to stay as cool as possible for as much time as possible, with as little time outside in the hot weather as possible... and I think we pulled it off fairly nicely.

I tried to transfer as much of the cool morning air into my place first thing this morning as I could (what I really wish is that I could magically swap the air outside for the air inside) with limited success.

Then when Ma got here we were off to the stoopidmarket in my airconditioned car. Yaaaaaay for my airconditioned car! Especially because it was actually a little bit cool when I first got in it (so I didn't need to get rid of the hot before starting on the cool).

Because it is so damn hot I have no desire to be cooking anything, let alone eating anything hot... so it was a pretty "light on" shopping expedition... lots of fruit, some veg, and not that much else.

After a rather overheated unpacking we quit the sweatbox that is currently my house and jumped in my airconditioned car again (have I mentioned how grateful I am that my car actually has an aircon?) and shot down to Arndale. No real reason, other than, you know, shopping malls are airconditioned.

Nothing much of interest at Arndale... I completed my set of Alien movies (the only one I didn't have was the original), Ma had massive amounts of indecision and some retail bonding with scary shoplady over two groovy looking "Indian" blouses (she ended up buying both a white and a acid green one once the nice lady found her one that had a little more room to it) and while I was waiting for her to sort herself out I bought the coolest little jade Buddha necklace ($3, supposedly carved or something by Shaolin monks).

Then we headed into town (woohoo airconditioned car) to soak up some culture and free cool air at the Museum and Art Gallery.

Luckily my Parking Karma was working really well today... I dropped Ma off at the city end of the hill, told her to find cool shelter and I turned around and went back down the road looking for a park. As I came down the hill, one of the cars parked right under a massive shady tree pulled out and I got a park with no fuss and no bother. Woohoo...

Honestly, we should have just gone to the Art Gallery and wandered around there... the Museum really wasn't AS cool as the Gallery, and we went to see the dinosaur egg exhibit, which probably wasn't worth the $12. Once we'd seen and touched and played and watched at the dino thing we went to the Art Gallery, and really just wandered around in the cool, looked at the pretty stuff, checked out the things that were new and sat down a few times.

Then we went across the road for a late lunch in the airconditioned joy that is the food court under David Jones... then toddled back to my shaded (and airconditioned) car and came back here to Casa Sweatbox.

I crossing my fingers though, because there is a breeze out there, so I'm hoping it sticks around tonight and I can open the place up again.

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