photo friday: wooden hand

robo-hand, old schoolI've been obsessed with bagels all day today!

From the point when I woke up this morning, what I really wanted for lunch was a bagel. Actually, more than that, I wanted I turkey, cranberry and lettuce wholemeal bagel from Bagel Boys in North Adelaide. Sadly the Bagel Boys store is now a dry cleaners, so I was completely out of luck on that particular front.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to go out and spoil myself to a lunch where I didn't have to prepare anything and was just generally out in the world. I haven't left the house all that much this last week... which has been fine, I have more than enough DVDs to watch, but I did think it might to worth going out for a bit.

So I pondered the places I could go and get a bagel... interestingly there really aren't that many "lunch" places in North Adelaide... oh, there are places you can go for lunch, but most of the places that were all about lunch, you know, with sandwiches or the aforementioned bagels or whatever, they're all gone, replaced by chichi cafes and the like.

In the end I thought I would take my book and my camera and go down to the Queen Street Deli, get a little sumptin-sumptin there. Which sounded like a good idea until I got there, and it was full of people and the menu didn't really have anything light and "lunchy" (I'm sure there were things, but my brain just wasn't seeing it). At that point, I just gave up, came back to the supermarket in North Adelaide, bought all the makings for a bagel lunch (and a bagel dinner come to think of it) and made my own.

Granted I accidentally picked up a blueberry bagel (I thought it was one of the onion ones)... but if I can have turkey with cranberry, is there any reason I can't have it on a blueberry bagel?

On the productive side, I did clear up a lot of the junk behind the front door... most of it was fine, just needed rearranging and sorting out... and I organised the "overflow" DVDs in that bookcase a little better... I really, really, really need a bigger/better/faster/stronger cabinet for my DVDs...

And you know, I'm really tempted to unplug my keyboard and clean the ick out from between the keys... I mean it has been a while...

Oh, and the wooden hand was one of my Christmas presents...

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