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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

christmas snowwoman hairstylistSo today was doubly good because it's Christmas Eve (yay) as well as being Haircut Day (double yay)...

You know what... I haven't had my hair did since the middle of October... and lordy oh lordy did it need it. It was all not holding a shape and mostly my natural colour and just looking shitty no matter what I did with it...

And now? It's all short and blonde and awesome!

Actually today kind of alternated between awesome and dull... when I got to work this morning I was the only one on the floor for about quarter of an hour... so I switched on all the lights, wandered around a bit, sung "All By Myself" badly and off-key (badly because I only know like two lines out of the whole song)...

So the morning was mostly dull... nobody much was around, I had fuck all to do, and all I really wanted to do was go and get my hair cut.

But then we had a morning tea organised by the ladies on the other side of the aisle, and that was pretty okay... the food was a bit average, but Sugarmonkey got half tanked on one glass of red wine, so that was amusing. And it meant I didn't have to pretend to be doing any work...

Eventually though it was time to go off to my haircut, so after I'd packed up the Christmas Tree on my desk I took myself off to the salon.

I couldn't actually believe the number of people who were STILL doing their Christmas shopping... the mall seemed to be pretty damn packed, and I took a brief detour over to Haighs to get a couple of their Pudding Truffles for tomorrow (yeah, because we need MORE truffles), and they were hideously busy, with like lines and everything... it's just wrong... people need to get their damn selves organised!

Anyway, after last Christmas I managed to get hold of the mug I wanted for Tink and Ma and I had filled it up with truffles on Sunday, so I gave her that... and double bonus, she didn't have her own special mug either at work or at home.

The guy I've mentioned before with the Scottish accent who used to go to my gym was in again too... and good grief is he ever a fussy old queen! And on top of that, for reasons that escape me he had decided to take off his shirt under the hair catching cape thing, so that was kinda odd...

But getting down to what we actually did with my hair... well, like I said, it's short and blonde again... I asked Tink to "chunk it" (I couldn't remember what I'd asked her to do last time... but looking back it was the "crazed mental patient" thing)... and we did the "not really blonde" colour I've been getting for ages now... but I asked her to then put in some streaks of "proper" blonde.

In the grand scheme of things, I'm not sure if the streaky thing worked AT ALL... but it does look pretty damn natural again (well, it matches my eyebrows anyway).

All in all, I was in the salon for maybe two and a half hours, maybe a little less... and once I was done, I didn't hang around... I grabbed something to eat and then hopped on the first bus going my way (and luckily there was a bus at the stop when I got there, so I didn't even have to wait).

Now I'm just going to chill out, maybe watch The Grinch... and given that the weather is a little warm, I'm thinking take-out for dinner...

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james Wednesday, December 24, 2008 11:38:00 pm  

Yani - I had a haircut today also, though I think mine would take considerably less time than yours :) It feels great eh? Have a great Christmas. James

Jeremiah Andrews Thursday, December 25, 2008 3:44:00 am  

Happy Christmas from Montreal.


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