erratic post christmas sales

sale tagThere was some slightly erratic post-Christmas sale action happening today! (And for the third day running, Ma and I spent pretty much the whole day together)

First off though, I stocked up on fruit and veg in a major way, since I'm going to at home for the next week, so I figured I should have something decent in the house. Actually a bunch of the stuff was because I'm making Chicken with Mango and Tomato Relish tomorrow when Rockchick comes over for dinner.

Anyway, once we'd trekked through the wilds of the Supermarket Safari, we headed over to Red Circle Boutique to see what random wonderfulness they might happen to have in their Christmas sale...

The short answer, particularly as far as the Christmas department was concerned, was Sweet Diddly! Thinking about it logically, they really didn't have that much of a Christmas department this year as compared with other years... they've moved it to a different spot and instead of being more than half a dozen racks, this year it's just three. Plus the store had been open since midnight, so I think all the sleep deprived vultures had already been in and cleaned out anything decent.

After returning to Home Base and doing what we usually do (ie unpacking, etc) we headed down to Kmart, since I'd seen in their catalogue that they had Tefal frypans for half price, and frankly my frypan would need to go up about three notches before it even GOT to crap.

Unfortunately because Ma was driving on autopilot and I wasn't really paying attention we were halfway to Arndale before we realised that we weren't actually GOING to Arndale... it would have been the scenic tour, but it wasn't all that scenic. We got where we were going eventually though, so that's the main thing.

Even Kmart's Christmas department was looking pretty damn anaemic... in fact, they were putting out the "Summer" stuff (eskies and whatnot) in the empty spots. I did score the frypan though... which is cool, what's pretty much a $50 pan, and I got it for less than $25... woohoo!

I also picked up a teeshirt and Ma came away with a bunch of stuff... so it was a fairly successful outing. After that we DID head down to Arndale...

For a purely reduced Christmas items standpoint, Arndale was the place to be... or more specifically, Big W. Nothing major, and a lot of their slightly more worthwhile items were gone, but it just seemed to be the most "complete" selection. One of the things I picked up was a 120 bulb set of blue LED fairy lights... I need to replace the "star lights" I got from Ikea in January... one set of the stars keeps wavering, and I'm kind of terrified that it's going to blow up and short out or something, especially when I'm out. And these blue ones are full-on hardcore Christmas lights... they have eight different settings (including the highly 'mo sounding "Twinkle/Flash"), so naturally I can't wait to try them out!

I also managed to score a pair of those "rabbit" salt and pepper grinders for about $12 each... and I'd seen them in Kmart for like $26 each... bargain!

After that we wandered around a bit longer and then took ourselves off to the movies (more on that in it's own post shortly)...

So yeah... this seems to be the Post Christmas Sales without actual Christmas things... weird...

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lara said...

LOL id be one of those sleep deprived zombies today hahah.
I have already bought gifts for next Christmas. Back tomorrow to see what else i can snag


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