unconscious mutterings 306

Today has gone from bad to worse then back to good again...

As I was drying my hair this morning I felt something pull in my neck/shoulders/back... so that's been bugging me all day...

Then the thing I screwed up on Friday was supposed to be fixed this morning... then it was lunchtime... then 1pm, finally it was sorted at about 3pm... but at least I didn't lose any of the work I'd done on Thursday...

On the upside, my DVD's finally arrived from The Bookshop... wooohooooo! Of course now they're going away until Christmas, but I still have them...

And then there's Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Love affair :: Ill-fated
  2. Bubble :: Ab Fab
  3. Pimple :: Teenager
  4. Knocks :: Hard
  5. Persistent :: Suitor
  6. Infected :: 28 Days Later
  7. Yay! :: Woohoo!
  8. Repaint :: The Sydney Harbour Bridge
  9. Daily :: Planet
  10. Quickly! :: What?

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1 comment:

Bodhi said...

HeHee. I lurve your Bubble answer, sweetie darling sweetie, Tres Fab ;-)

Oh, and did you know you got me doing these now Yani, I post em on Wednesdays.



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