christmas meme the third

can i have these two in my christmas stocking?We went for our "Christmas Lunch" at work today (I use the quotes because we didn't really do anything Christmasy, since we weren't doing the Secret Santa thing, so basically it was just, you know, lunch).

I'd suggested we go to Saldechin, the groovy yum cha place Ma and I went to last year. Of course, then I had doubts about whether it was the right plan or not, but it all turned out okay in the end.

Continuing on with the Christmas theme... here's the third part of the continuing Mega Christmas Meme...

Have You Ever?
  1. Sat on Santa's lap?
    Yes, but not for a very long time... plus nobody actually seems to sit ON Santa's lap any more... stoopid political correctness...

  2. Written a Christmas list?
    Sure, when I was a kid... there was one particular year when all I had on my list was "a kitten"... still didn't get one though... *mutter*.

  3. Written a letter to Santa?
    Are we sensing a theme here... I'm sure I have in my younger days... I don't remember any of them though.

  4. Left cookies/milk for Santa & the reindeer?
    Yep, and I've left carrots for the Easter Bunny too!

  5. Kissed under a mistletoe?
    I don't think I have, no.

  6. Get everything you wanted for Christmas?
    Who gets EVERYTHING they want for Christmas... there's always either that one thing that you really wanted that you don't get (that's what January sales are for!), or else that thing that you really, really, really don't want (or have absolutely no need for) that some wayward relation or indirect friend of the family buys you.

  7. Cooked/baked?
    Well Ma tends to do more of the actual "cooking/baking", but I help out, both on Christmas Day, and beforehand.

Yay or Ugh
  1. Holiday shopping? Yay (even though I don't know when to stop)

  2. Mall Santas? Ugh

  3. 24/7 Holiday radio? Urg

  4. Setting up the tree? Yay and also Urg... this year, mostly Yay

  5. Wrapping presents? As above

  6. Visiting/seeing family? Mostly Yay (not that I have that many, and I see even fewer)

  7. Ad-Lib on "Rudolph" ('like Monopoly!')? M'eh... I don't have an opinion either way

  8. Free mint red/white candy? Ugh

  9. Belief in Santa Claus? Ugh (but it's okay for little kids I guess)

  10. Chocolate countdown calendar? Ugh (the chocolate is always crap, the concept is okay though)

  11. Peeking at your gifts (or by accident)? Ugh... and I've found that over the past week or so my brain has just been dredging up random memories of things that have gone into the Christmas Abyss, which is fairly annoying!

  12. Making out with Santa under the mistletoe? Ummmm... depends on who's in the suit I guess, but generally, ugh

  13. Decorated houses? Ugh

  14. Extreme decorated houses? Double Ugh

  15. Santa knowing when you're sleeping and awake? Kinda creepy actually... you know, Twilight brand creepy...

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Tom said...

So, you wanted a pussy for Christmas as a child. How times have changed.

(Sorry... someone had to!). :P


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