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shopaholic"Hello, my name is yani and I'm a Christmas Shopaholic!"

Okay... THAT'S IT! Finished, kaput, no more, finale, end of the line, The End! No more Christmas shopping, no matter what! Honestly, I can't be let out without a chaperone...
  • First up, what the hell is up with this weather... it's supposed to be summer, and I've gone out wearing a hoodie for the last two days... RUDE!
  • I went down to the Rundle Street Markets again this morning.
  • Bought a metric ton of chickens from World Vision (okay, six... five for work's Charity Secret Santa, one for Ma to give as part of her Secret Santa present).
  • Found this gorgeous little stall with hand painted Celtic jewellery... couldn't walk away, bought Ma one.
  • Went back to the badge stall (and I looked at the name specifically... something Pixie... Gothic Pixie?) because I was planning on picking something up for Rockchick... the stall was there, but the "Pride" badges, not so much (grrr).
  • I did buy a Happy Tree Friends badge though... Handy... and pinned him to my hoodie.
  • Mmm, poffertjes...
  • After the markets, I went to Flourish in Unley and while they didn't have the exact earrings that matched the pendant I'd gotten Ma last time we were there, I got her a pair in the same colour.
  • I then came home before I could go buying anything else.
So, yeah... I got home around lunchtime and I've spent the rest of the day half watching teevee (actually there's a kinda cool version of Candide with Kristin Chenoweth on the ABC at the moment).

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Stephen Chapman... said...

Christmas shopping is far too stressful. Vouchers for all!


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