the final pre christmas shop

this photo has nothing to do with the post, i just like it!Well, well, well...

We're at Five Days Til Christmas, people... five freakin days... And today was our last combined Supermarket Safari until the big day.

Having said that, it was surprisingly mellow. Mostly we were stocking up on all the stuff to make Christmas Goodies with tomorrow, and some bits and pieces for Christmas Day, but easy peasy really.

Yes, everybody had decided that since it was the Saturday before Christmas that they should all come out shopping earlier, so we did have to share the supermarket with about twice as many people as usual, but it was okay...

Although I would like to know what the hell is up with people just plain old not looking where they're going at this time of year. There was this random woman with two little kids who just walked out of one of the aisles, didn't pay any attention to her surroundings and had I not been paying attention I could quite easily have bowled her over onto her arse... *mutter*

After stocking up on all appropriate provisions (and coming back here for the Ritual Unpacking), we headed down to Arndale so we could print out some photos Ma needs for Second Christmas... and I proceeded to "lose" the memory card from Ma's phone in the machine. Nice one yani! So now they have to "call the technician" which won't be til Monday, and I'll have to go and get it... *makes sad face*

And that was about it... Ma left about half twelve, at which point I finally got the Giant Ikea Bag of Ma's Presents out of the wardrobe and it's now spread all over my loungeroom floor (okay, that's a lie, it's all neatly stacked up next to the bookcase, but still) waiting for me to check that I have enough (and the right sizes) boxes/bags etc for it all.

Oh, and I managed to sneak two more presents in (sneak isn't really the right word, since Ma was with me and she pretty much chose them)... even if it is only a couple of cheapass necklaces (you know it's quality when they're 2 for $8).

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Peter said...

Did you get yourself a house-boy too? [see pix]


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