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I shot these the same day as Friday's Mo Tiki... and they're actually both on the same stretch of wall as the first ever Benzo work I shot (although I think the Bird Lady might be by Store)...

Tonight was indeed Movie Night, but like a couple of weeks ago when we'd run out of things to see and ended up catching a rerun of Wall-E, there wasn't anything new on the list, so we ended up going back for a second look at Quantum of Solace.

And it holds up to a second viewing... some of the things that didn't make as much sense last time or were just too fast to see thanks to the editing became clearer the second time around. I will admit that I was a little bit tired, so my attention (and occasionally my focus) drifted from time to time... but that was more about me than the movie (and it mostly wandered during the talky bits rather than the actiony bits). I still stand by pretty much all the things I said in my original review, but I will just add that I did really enjoy it (I'm not sure if that was clear the first time around), even after a second go.

Other than that I've had a somewhat productive day... I decided not to take the word of any Myer Sunday Christmas Casuals as gospel, so took the broken reindeer to work with me and toddled down to the city store at lunch time (I would have done it yesterday, but I'd forgotten we had organised a lunch for H-San's birthday)... "No, sorry, we don't have any" said the MSCC... "Bollocks" I say, because there was one on the shelf and one in a box behind it. So it's all swapped over and I'm the proud owner of an intact clear acrylic reindeer. Woohoo.

And my ongoing obsession with toy soldiers seems to be reaching some sort critical mass this year... maybe blogging about it made it hover about in my mind more, or maybe it's just the whole "cashed up" thing... while I was in Myer I noticed they had these gorgeous tin toy soldiers that were just under a foot tall (they're kinda halfway between a toy soldier and a Nutcracker I guess)... they actually had three, one in red playing a drum, one in blue with cymbals and one in green with a trumpet... but my love of scarlet meant that I had to have the drummer.

I think there's going to be some sort of photo project happening with them, maybe before Christmas, or maybe I'll wait until I get the one Ma has squirreled away for Christmas for me and do it then...

Oh, and speaking of Christmas... lets file this next one under "things taking a turn for the weird"... I got to work this morning and laying next to my mouse was a cheap-ass, tacky as hell, Christmas tie... turns out that both H-San and Sugarmonkey got one, equally ugly, but the fourth guy who makes up our pod of desks didn't... and none of the girls in The Nut House got anything left on their desks either. And everybody who we thought might have been the culprit, wasn't... so it remains unsolved... obviously there's a Christmas Elf of Ugly Ties... but who and why I have no idea (we can only surmise that it's somebody we've done something nice for, but we haven't really done anything collectively in the last few days, and we usually try to avoid doing things that are nice).

Of course whoever it is will think that it was completely obvious that the ties were from them, so they'll be getting an additional slap for that. Plus I haven't worn a tie in that building since about 2003, so I'm not going to start now with that tatty piece of $2 crap.

I still wanna know who left them there though...

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