productive yet dull sunday

i hate houseworkIt's been a somewhat productive day, all things considered...

There's nothing like the impending visit by somebody who hasn't visited your house before to make you feel like doing some housework! Rockchick is dropping in later today to return my third Pirates movie, and my kitchen counter was kinda full of random crap... and I'd intended to clear it up, and clear up my kitchen cabinets (which she wouldn't have seen, but it was a job on the list)... so I found myself sitting on my kitchen floor for over an hour this morning sorting out the cupboards.

Man I had a lot of crap! Lots of tins of Cream of Celery soup (I think I'm still suffering from random trauma because I didn't have any the last time I wanted to make Toona Noodle Do... and now I have about six cans of the stuff. Well, you never know, they might discontinue the flavour, and then where would we be?

Anyway, lots of abstract soup, lots of half opened packets of pasta, too many strange and slightly stale packets of biscuits (a number of which got ditched), about a dozen packs of chicken stock (thank you Smashed Broccoli!) and too many bottles of Indian Tonight sauce. So, you know, the regular sort of stuff you'd find in the pantry.

So I rearranged the cupboards, ran my Dust Buster over the kitchen floor, sorted out all the bits of useless and random paper that happened to find their way onto the counter while I was working, washed the dishes, tidied my bookshelves up a bit (I really need to do something with my Spirit Guide portrait too, it's currently hanging off the bookshelf, but it really needs sorting out)... just generally got the place feeling all ship-shape.

And I was all finished by about 11am... so for the rest of the day I've mostly been reading... first the Sunday paper, then my current book... which is possibly a good thing given that it's a bit of a windy grey day out there...

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