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the perfect guyI don't think I've ever actually blogged about what my "perfect man" would be. Partially because I really have no idea myself... I'm generally attracted to a wide range of things, so it's a little hard to tie it down to something akin to "tall, dark and handsome"...

But in my random travels through the Land of the Gay Interweb Profile, I found a list that really struck a cord with me. Partially because instead of just being all about the perfect guy, it was actually that balance between what he was versus what he wanted to either contrast or compliment his qualities... plus with the exception of one or two of them, his qualities pretty much meshed with how I see myself.

So I stole his list, added some extra qualities, and ta-da... here it is...

Part potential meme (that is if anybody else is crazy enough to try it), part wish list, part therapy session... and actually, harder to do in some respects than I thought it might be... since it's not physical or material things, it's internal qualities, added to the fact that you have to think about not only what you want in somebody else, but what you have to bring to the table that balances or matches that...

Me: Smart
Me: Funny
Me: Generous
Me: Protective
Me: Casual
Me: Camera Shy
Me: Adoring
Me: Opinionated
Me: Passionate
Me: Cuddler
Me: Voyeuristic
Me: Open
Me: Dark
Me: Creative
Me: Bad
Me: Occasionally Shy
Me: Storyteller
You: Sexy
You: Outgoing
You: Patient
You: Loyal
You: Low Maintenance
You: Photogenic
You: Appreciative
You: Open to Compromise
You: Experimental
You: Affectionate
You: Exhibitionist
You: Honest
You: Wicked
You: Practical
You: Partner in Crime
You: Can Lead
You: Good Listener

Of course, the odds of actually FINDING this guy are about the same as winning all of the first division prize in Lotto...

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Monty said...

Trust me Yani, I think it works. I did a Perfect Man meme over a year ago never expecting to actually find him. And lo and behold, McBrad turned up!!! My good friend Evan says that if you put it out there in the universe, it will eventually come back to you! So good luck - we hope to hear about Mr Sexy, OUtgoing, Patient, Loyal, Low Maintenance, Photogenic etc etc coming into your life soon! :-)

yani said...

I thought of you when I initially saw this actually...

However I tried telling the Universe what I wanted previously and it got me nowhere...

But then that's the difference between the tropical reef which is Sydney as opposed to the goldfish bowl which is Adelaide... ;)


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