unconscious mutterings 286

I'm curious as to why some "white powder" (I think it's flour) stencilled arrows have appeared on the streets around my neighbourhood... they don't really seem to be leading anywhere, and every now and again they lead to four arrows all pointing at each other... weird...

Also weird... Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Flicker :: Lights
  2. Styling :: Hair
  3. Episode :: Television
  4. Sexier :: Than Me
  5. Studious :: Bookworm
  6. Mushroom :: On Toast (which was followed almost instantly by the thought of Tom)
  7. 8 minutes :: 480 seconds
  8. Bald :: Men
  9. Immunity :: Virus
  10. Sectioned :: Seating

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Tom said...

Yum. :P

yani said...

You know I'm looking forward to coming over to visit your fine dining establishment and ordering a nice mushroom risotto... or maybe something involving wild mushrooms and penne... ;P

Tom said...

Absolutely! But only when they're in season! (which isn't often) :P


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