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duke of brunswick dining roomLunch, lunch, lunch, lunch...

Occasionally the Universe takes perfect care of me! We'd arranged to have a not-really-but-almost farewell lunch for me (it was also for about three or four other things, but I like to pretend it was for me), and only the people who I really, really wanted to go to lunch with ended up coming to lunch... which pretty much meant that it was me, Ginger Ninja, H-San, Sugarmonkey and Rockchick.


We decided to head down to the Duke of Brunswick... actually it was one of those weird things... Ninja sent a list around to everyone with a bunch of places marked on it and she'd already ticked the Brunswick... and then none of us really cared enough to be bothered ticking anything else, so everybody ticked the same thing.

And it was a good choice I think... it's certainly a gorgeous pub, all polished wood and light open spaces and a stunning dining room.

Because we'd preordered (gotta think ahead), the meals came out fairly quickly... but then we were pretty much the only people actually in the place at that point... it did start to fill up later though.

Four of all ended up having The Brunswick Beef Burger (with salad, matured cheddar, relish, bacon, egg and hand cut chips)... I wasn't in the mood for something more complicated, so the burger sounded like a good plan.

And it was... the hand cut chips, while possibly a little on the sparing side were REALLY chunky (and given the fact that no two chips had even the least resemblance to each other, I'll buy the whole "hand cut" thing). The burger was tasty... big fat beef pattie that had some taste to it, the relish was tangy and sweet (actually it could have been a little less sweet and a little more spicy). And it didn't all fall apart as I tried to eat it, or dribble all over the plate... and these things are important in a burger.

After lunch we did that thing you always do at work related social engagements and talked about work... oh, and women who have backs/asses shaped like cellos (it was the waitress, she had an odd looking lower back area, and Rockchick and I were discussing it)...

Then we came back to work and had to attempt to pay attention to stuff... which is not easy when you're dosed up on beer and protein.

So tomorrow is my last day... *sigh*

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