I spent the afternoon and the evening watching Sin City (graphically interesting and quite cool) and then Hedwig and the Angry Inch (better than I remember it, but still somewhat odd)... then got all domestic and started doing some cleaning up with my new dustbuster (but of course now I have dust all up my nose!)... so all the purchases from yesterday have been coming in useful...

Some random quiz action to finish up the day... painfully accurate quiz action actually...

You Are an Okay Listener

You try to be a good listener, and usually you are.

But some people are just so boring and difficult to listen to!

Your mind tends to wander during some conversations.

You are likely to space out a little or try to change the subject to something more interesting.

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Tom said...

Is there a talking test? My guess would be that you'd be more than an Okay Talker. If not off the scale towards garoulousity! :)

yani said...

Me? Talk a lot?

You bet your sweet ass baby! ;P


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