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Sunday, June 15, 2008

and no, i didn't take sneaky pictures in the sauna locker room...Unlike certain people who visited the sauna in the last couple of days, my visit last night was slightly less satisfying...

Part of me was kind of expecting it to be bad (I mean, last time was pretty spectacular)... and partially it was because the place was fairly deserted (really, really deserted at one stage actually).

But it was slightly interesting and a touch "informative"... well, perhaps not informative exactly... there were a number of guys there that I recognised from "online", one of whom looked as, if not more spectacular than his pics (doubly so when he was being jacked off by a quite cute guy across the spa from me)... one of the others much less so (seriously dude, go back to the dark hair... the bleached blonde with the very pale skin and too many questionable tattoos... not that attractive)...

Then, as I fully expected, Marc was there... he's the only person I know who will call out your name from the other side of the room at the sauna... silly little Hobbit...

I don't get him. Really. He's always pleased to see me, he sought me out and wanted to have a conversation once he'd seen me... but I haven't actually heard from him since I sent him a text message after my knee drama. Now you would think that no matter how "busy" you were, if somebody that you say you consider to be a friend lets you know that they've injured themselves in some way, well, you'd at least touch base with them and see what the hell was going on... wouldn't you? But I get nothing... and then he's all Chatty Cathy when I do see him. What the fuck?

And since we had that whole "what are the rules" conversation, I didn't even get to jump him. Although I will be honest, while I possibly would have (and it would have been nice to be able to since we were in the spa at the same time as the aforementioned spa jackoff action), by that point of the evening I'd kind of settled in to the night being something of a waste of time, so I wasn't necessarily in the right headspace anyway.

On the upside, I think the heat of the steamroom and the spa did my knee some good... so at least there actually is a silver lining...

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Jeremiah Andrews Sunday, June 15, 2008 5:08:00 pm  

Although we have many "spas" here in Montreal, I haven't been in a number of years. After your scare at the clinic, I wonder what possesses you to flirt with the possibility?

Living with AIDS like I do today, I can tell you that staying clean takes work, even if that means staying away from sticky locations. I remind you that it only takes one lapse in judgment to change ones life.

I really enjoy reading your blog and I care about your welfare from all the way up here in the Great White North. So, please, do take care and don't flirt with your life, no matter how bad you need to get off.

Be Careful. Be wise. Be smart.


yani Sunday, June 15, 2008 7:36:00 pm  

While I appreciate your concern Jeremy, I don't appreciate the judgemental assumption that my behaviour wasn't "appropriate" in some way just because I happened to visit the sauna. If anything, because of my visit to the clinic I was probably more aware and more careful than I might have been without it.

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