photo friday: cog pendant

cog pendant against red sweater... hard and cold versus soft and warmThat's the typewriter cog pendant I bought last weekend... I've been wearing it all week long and loving it to bits... it's chunky, has good weight to it and those little teeth are kinda sharp. The only downside is that it regularly gets caught up in the chain because the gaps between the little balls are just the right size for jamming between the cog teeth.

I had a spectacularly bad morning this morning... firstly I slept through my alarm, which would have been fine, but I don't know if I slept through it because I switched it off or it never went off... then as I went to get dressed I realised the shirt I'd been itching to wear since I bought it last weekend was missing the top button... so I ended up sewing it on, somewhat amateurishly.

That meant I was running a bit late, so three different buses stopped at the bus stop while I was waiting to cross the street. Add to that the fact that I was breaking in a new pair of jeans which is always weird, and wearing my Puma sneakers which eat my feet by the end of the day and I didn't get to work in a particularly chirpy mood.

All of which, now that I read it back sounds incredibly trivial, but at the time it was worthy of irritation.

The rest of the day was calm by comparison...

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