easter saturday chocolate-fest

twink supercute bunnyWhen I left the house this morning I had perhaps 80g of chocolate in the whole place. By the time I got home this afternoon there was more than 1.5kg of chocolate in the house.

This was Easter Saturday Shopping...

In a lot of ways it was a series of small disasters... but it more or less worked itself out by the end.

Ma thought she'd sent me a message before she headed down, but turns out she didn't really, so I was a little bit worried since she was late (of course you always go to the Worse Case Scenario)... But when she finally showed up I have her the Haighs Half Egg with Fluffy Lamb I've had hidden in the bottom of my fridge for over a week along with the Cheri DVD (which wasn't in the fridge).

After that we headed out for the usual Supermarket Safari... nothing much to report there, other than the shops were much more full than usual, since people can't cope with the fact that the shops might be shut for 24 hours.

On the way through the checkout we forgot to pick up Ma's box of cereal... I thought she picked it up, she thought I did... the usual story. But we didn't work that out until we got back to my place and unpacked.

First we headed off to Haighs, in search of hopefully slightly cut-price but high quality Easter treats. The place was pretty much packed... or if not packed, then badly designed for people to move through easily... and since a variety of people spent pretty much the whole day getting in my way, standing in my path and otherwise blocking my free movement, you can imagine how happy that made me.

And on top of that... no Easter eggs... no eggs, no Bilbies, no nothing. They didn't even have bags of broken Easter eggs like they have done on previous years. But what they do have at the factory store, like all factory stores, is seconds and/or irregulars. And when you can get a large number of irregular versions of my favourite three bars (Peppermint Truffle, Hazelnut Praline Wafer and Cappuccino) for much less than a bag of 4, well I call that a good deal.

But while I walked out of there Sans Eggs, I still walked out with 1kg of chocolate... I didn't realise that was how much there was until I tried to pick the bag up much later on and realised it weighed a ton. Hopefully I can make it last for a while...

After we dropped the chocolate off at my place (to prevent meltage), we nipped back to the supermarket so that Ma could go and get her cereal... I think she was a little flustered when she got back because there was a 4WD waiting to take the carpark, because she managed to back into the very back corner of the car next to us. Partially that car's fault because I think they were parked in a "small car" bay when they had a very large car, or at the very least the end of the car was hanging over the line a bit. She jumped out, had a look, couldn't see any damage to either car really, so figured it was a "bumper meets bumper" situation and left. Turns out on closer inspection later in the day that there's about a tennis ball sized dent in the back corner of Ma's car. Whoops!

We then headed off to exchange the two faulty Hello Dolly DVDs I'd managed to accrue... but on the way we stopped off at the new JB HiFi store on South Road (workplace of one of my Tweeps, although he wasn't working today). Firstly, groovy, if weird metal sculpture in the car park... may have to return with my camera and snap photos... and secondly, I have NEVER, in all my visits to a variety of JB HiFi stores had so many attentive staff members attempting to service me in a retail capacity. I only needed to look at them and they said hello... they were so shiny and new and eager it was halfway between disturbing and endearing. It kinda made me want to slap them though. But if they keep up that level of customer attentiveness they should be the best JB store ever!

Sadly the one thing I asked one of the girlies for, Paris, je t'aime (which only came to me in a flash when she asked if she could help me while I was browsing in World Movies) they didn't have in stock, and Marion (our ultimate destination) had sold their only copy earlier in the day. It's okay though, at least I know the Adelaide store has it, and it's cheap.

Anyway, we hit Marion, returned one of the Hello Dolly DVDs, wandered into Target and got sucked into the vortex of 25% off Easter eggs... and before I knew it I was loaded up with over 500g of various chocolate products. I can take some of it to work on Tuesday though, spread it around at the office... I'll keep the best stuff for me and give them the rest... hehe.

And I don't know what it was... whether it was the Easter holiday, or the scent of Lady Gaga in the air or the phase of the moon, but The Gays were out in force at Marion. And not just The Gays singular, these were The Coupled Gays. At least three or four couples. From the proto-babyfem similarly dressed slightly sissyboys who held hands when they left Kmart, to the cute young chubby chaser and his puddin-headed young boyfriend in Big W, they just seemed to be all over the shop. Shops, plural actually. Mostly it amused me, it was only the last couple that gave me a quick pang of Green. But that passed quickly.

The shops were kind of mental though... people everywhere, long lines everywhere... but fortunately we were more about the returning of things than the buying of things (except in Target).

We didn't really stop for "lunch" as such, but we did grab a drink and a little something to eat, partly so we could sit down for a while too. And I kept myself amused by watching the slightly OCD/bored girl from Darrell Lea rearrange merchandise downstairs in the atrium. Granted she ended up doing many of the things I might have done in her place, so that probably says a lot about me.

On the way home we called off at Kmart so I could return the OTHER Hello Dolly DVD... it did strike me as amusing though that the girls in both stores just took my word for it that it was a faulty disc, they didn't get me to fill my name and details in, just to sign the paperwork. I could have been lying through my teeth. I wasn't... but I could have been.

So now I have $18 and no Hello Dolly DVDs... which is possibly better than not having $18 and having two Hello Dolly DVDs that only work halfway through.

And that was my day... which now means that one half of the Easter break is officially over...

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