the eleventh doctor

the eleventh doctorSo... Matt Smith in his first episode as the eleventh incarnation of Doctor Who...

I was expecting it to take a couple of episodes before he really was The Doctor... but it didn't even take the whole episode.

It's always difficult settling into a new Doctor and especially since we've had four years of the wonderful David Tennant... and unlike the switch from Christopher Ecclestone to David, they've made a lot of changes...

The opening title sequence, including the font... changed... and I approve.

The theme song... changed or perhaps a better word for it would be reinterpreted... and I approve.

The Doctor Who logo... changed... and I think it will grow on me, but I don't hate it.

The Companion... changed... but that's happened once a season for the last few seasons, so no problem there... but even after one episode, I like Amy Pond...

The Doctor's sonic screwdriver... changed... it's bigger, chunkier, and the light on it is green to match Matt Smith's eyes... so I approve.

The Tardis... very, very changed... and while it's not as organic as the previous version, it definitely has potential.

And of course, The Doctor has changed... but I thought Matt did a fantastic job. He has that manic energy we've come to associate with the new series, he's a little bit pretty and a little bit weird looking and there is definitely a spark there... but it's hard comparing anyone to David Tennant. He held his own however.

The one thing I still don't like is his outfit... a tweed jacket and a bow-tie... really? That's the best they could come up with for him? Not a fan, and hopefully they'll change or adapt it along the way.

What hasn't changed is the great acting. And the fantastic writing. And the occasional gay undertone (Jeff, I'm looking at you).

It's not perfect yet... and Russell is gone, but I have confidence in Stephen (after all, he is responsible for one of my favourite teevee shows ever).

This is the first time that the "seasonal arc" has been introduced so bluntly and so quickly... "silence will fall"... but there has to be more to it than that... there usually is.

So roll on the rest of the season!

But I'll leave the last word to Doctor Who...

"There's something you'd better understand about me cause it's important, and one day your life may depend on it: I am definitely a mad man with a box!"

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Janek said...

To be frankly honest, I'm slightly glad Russell has gone. He did bring the Doctor back, yes, but I think his last "specials" wasted a lot of time and potential that ultimately didn't result in anything (I wasn't a fan of the end of End of Time). Moffat is good with the Doctor, though, and I think his first two episodes have been, as a friend described, "Moffatty".

Another friend once commented that it takes a season for a Doctor to wear in and come into their own person, which I think will be a problem with the immediate easy comparisons between Smith and Tennant (and explains why no one liked Colin Baker). I am glad Moffat isn't fart-arsing around with the arc, but I hope he does something with it.

I'm going to reserve judgement until a few more episodes in as to whether I really like Smith, or whether it's just a case of "zOMG lyk it's Dr Who, Innit?!"

yani said...

I disagree about the Specials... personally I think they showed a different side to Tennnant's Doctor, and I definitely was a fan of End of Time, especially the ending. Was it his strongest work... no... I think that was a toss up between Children of Time and Doomsday.

Like I said though, I'm a fan of Moffat and have been for some time.

With the "wearing in" of Tennant... I have five words... "The Girl In The Fireplace"... although I honestly never really thought he had a "wearing in" time... I just liked him from the start.

And Colin Baker was some sort of science experiment... half Tom Baker, half Peter Davidson and wearing a stupid outfit. Although honestly I'm only really familiar with Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy from the original series.

They always do something with the arcs... but I love being able to look back on a second viewing and suddenly see all the references scattered across the episodes.

It did strike me as very Buffy Season 7 though... "From beneath you it devours" and all that...

I think Smith will grow into the role... I'm just somewhat sad that we've probably finally seen the end of Rose and Martha and Donna...

Although his new companion did play a Soothsayer in the Pompeii episode, but they love to hang onto good actors when they find them.

the replicant said...

I also felt that the introduction of the "arc words" was uncomfortably obvious. I'm rather hoping that was done out of a sense that the audience wanted and/or was expecting it... and that it's going to be something of a misdirection.


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