unproductive window shopping

look honey, they have windows!I'm officially filing today under "frustrating" and "unsuccessful"...

After a fairly average, if somewhat shortened, Supermarket Safari (we only went to the one supermarket, and didn't bother waiting around to wander The Red Circle), and a trip to the Honey Man which yielded neither honey, nor man (there was a sign on the door saying they have no honey, the honey vats are all gone from just inside the window and the Closed sign was up... so whether that means "no honey right now" or "no honey ever" I don't know... disappointing though, I love that place) we came back here, unpacked and then kinda sat around going "What do we do, what do we do"...

Essentially there's nothing we really needed to go looking for, nothing we needed to go and see, nothing much going on at all really.

So we were at something of a loss.

In the end we fell back on the old standby of "looking at things we might like to buy"... although it was a mission fraught with mediocrity, overly expensive crap, bored sales people and little success.

Seriously, how difficult do you think it is to find some sort of entertainment unit that isn't designed for a corner that is more than 80cm wide, but less than 110cm... and is around 60cm tall... and has a shelf on which to put, say, a home theatre system?

You wouldn't think it was a stumper would you...

But it's next to impossible... unless I wanted to pay more for the table than I did for my teevee. Which I really don't. All the entertainment units are about 5 feet long and maybe 30cm high... often I saw ones that would have been great, if they could get rid of one section on one side... but no joy.

I looked at entertainment units, I looked at coffee tables, I looked at end tables and lamp tables and what might have been bookcases... I looked at Casual Living and Jimmy Possum and Freedom and (heaven help me) Le Cornus and random no-name furniture stores... big fat nothing. I swore I saw something that was about the right thing in Ikea once, but the last time we were there I couldn't see it... so maybe I dreamed it up.

So we gave up and went into the city to hit the Central Market in search of honey... well, not so much searching, I was pretty sure they'd have it in bulk at Goodies & Grains which is my "go to" store for anything organic or grainery or tasty really.

On the way in though we got distracted by a Morning Glory store in a seemingly odd location, so had to swing around and go and take a look. Which did lead me to want to punch the overly perky, and sole staff member in the face... seriously, leave people in peace to browse, don't be all up in their face every two seconds... and turn the damn music down somewhat. No wonder they stuck him in a store by himself. Ma ended up buying a couple of reasonable looking yet handbags... no idea how long they'll last before falling apart, but she was happy enough.

Then we found a park near the market disturbingly easily... and got honey from Goodies & Grains (I was tempted by the Orange Blossom honey, but it was much more expensive than I'm used to paying so I stuck with standard old Blue Gum)... as well as random nibbly things and some vegetable alphabet pasta. God I love that store... partially I think because it was Lownee who introduced me to it way back in the day.

Next it was Nana's for little bun goodness, and a quick stop at the Morning Glory store in the Markets where I picked up a rather cute transparent orange plastic tiger moneybox with a reference to Year of the Tiger (badly worded though it might be) on his belly. So yes, essentially I am an 12yo girl.

Our final stop was to get a Bubble Tea from Chinatown and then we headed back here to consume some of the Nana buns... and I stuffed my little tiger dude full of $1... and essentially he is nearly full... I have so much $1 gold coinage that it filled him about up to his nose... and he's a good 25cm tall. But I liked the look of him so much once I was done that I suggested to Ma that we go back so I could nab a second one for my $2 coins. Which we did (although as to be expected we didn't find a carpark anywhere near as easily)... and now the second tiger (which has more of a girly face and is a lighter gold colour) is stuffed with coinage up to her chin.

I really need to count or deposit or otherwise do something with all that coinage...

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