how to redux your dragon

jay baruchel and hiccupIt's been a somewhat long, somewhat annoying, somewhat irritating day... not only for me it turns out, but also for Ma... so we didn't really want anything to taxing in the movie department.

So we settled on going to see How To Train Your Dragon for a second time, this time in 3D.

It definitely holds up to multiple viewings, and interestingly I noticed a whole bunch of little details this time around because of the 3D... textures mostly, whether they were on Toothless or hair or clothing or whatever.

I was a tiny bit disappointed that they didn't make more use of the 3D during the flying scenes... most of the action was contained from the screen going back rather than coming forward. It would have been nice if during the flying Toothless felt like he was right in front of you.

But there were some moments where the 3D was used in incredibly subtle but effective ways... from just seeing the curve of Toothless's eye, to ash falling, it all worked very nicely.

It's definitely going on the "DVD's to get" list though!

After the movie we went down the road to get dinner then wandered back here.

Can I just pre-empt the horrible day I'm going to have tomorrow by saying I'm going to have a horrible day tomorrow? Sugarmonkey is off doing training, H-San is on leave, La Ninj will be here, there and everywhere as is her want... so I'm going to be Fort Holding Boy.

Which is fine, but the potential for things beyond my control and/or understanding to screw up is exponentially high.


Can I just call in dead tomorrow?

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