random mcqueen hotness

Some actual vintage Random Hotness this week... The King of Cool, Professional Badass and Total Hotness, Steve McQueen.

These shots come from a set of never before seen photos shot ("three weeks and more than 40 rolls of film later") in the Spring of 1963 by photographer John Dominis for LIFE Magazine...

3 weeks with steve mcqueen - john dominis/time & life pictures
steve mcqueen stripping - john dominis/time & life pictures steve mcqueen rear - john dominis/time & life pictures
And why is he getting naked? Well...
"We're sitting around the swimming pool up on the deck," remembers Dominis, "and Steve goes away and he comes back without any clothes on! He just enjoyed being out in the desert, looking at the sun.... He was just so natural about everything. There was no time to feel embarrassed, so I shot all the pictures that I needed to shoot. I shot some pictures specially of his backside so we could use them in the magazine, because in most of them he was just [full-on] nude. He wasn't hiding anything."
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