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turtle master
Collaboration piece between Benzo and Drew "dedicated to Kab101's turtle, Tarquin".
  • I ended up taking a trip to the sauna last night... thus defeating Scruff in his nookie preventing efforts, and it was actually a fairly low-key and relaxing way to spend the evening. Only a little bit of action, but it was kinda what I needed I think. Then there was lots of lounging around in the steam room and soaking in the spa and suchlike.

  • I also observed, not for the first time, how many really, really nice asses there are walking around, even on guys who aren't that appealing from the front. My ass, in contrast, probably has more in common with a sock full of cottage cheese (thought provoking simile, yes?).

  • As I half expected, Marc was there too, which was interesting. I think we can now officially designate the spa as a "danger zone" for potential sexual activity between the two of us. If something is going to happen, it'll happen in there. Granted it's mostly because that's where we spend the longest amount of time together, plus we're both naked.

  • It was also somewhat odd watching him make out with somebody else while we were in the spa. There was a twinge of jealousy, but more of a "I want some of that" rather than "that's mine", and it's not like I was excluded from participation.

  • He's supposed to call me tomorrow night about coming over for dinner on Tuesday. It's just plain weird really... at certain points he says he'll call, but never does, but when we run into each other he usually makes the effort and actually carries through on contacting me at least once or twice. I'm not holding my breath though.

  • Even though the sexual part of my excursion seemed somewhat brief, I still ended up sticking around until nearly 1:30am... maybe because I wasn't chasing around like a rat in a maze all night the time seemed to pass quicker.

  • I walked back to the car (and then drove home) accompanied by what definitely felt like a Summer storm... warm weather, big fat raindrops and a sky full of thunder and lightning. Awesome!

  • Sadly, all the heat and spa action didn't loosen up my neck like I thought it might. But with any luck Marc will do that for me if/when he comes over on Tuesday (don't be filthy, he's studying massage).

  • This morning was remarkably laid back... I didn't really rush anything, especially first thing (which was a good plan, given my somewhat anaemic six hours of sleep), just pottered about doing my usual thing and marvelling that while yesterday was gloriously warm and beautiful and a definite taste of Spring, today was cold and windy and rainy and wintery.

  • I started fiddling around with the cross-stitch test piece after lunch, and then rang Ma once I'd done one row to ask "Am I doing this right?". Turns out I wasn't...

  • In the course of the conversation she decided to come down and drop a couple of things off, so I suggested that since I'd been planning to go back into town to re-photograph the street art from yesterday (a cloudy day is Mother Nature's soft box and the photographer's friend), she should come with me and we could wander down to the Rundle Street Markets as well.

  • Other than the "Turtle Master" piece (or as it should probably more accurately be called, "Ode to Tarquin"... I do suddenly wonder if he was a terrapin rather than a turtle... "Tarquin the Terrapin" has a nicer ring to it) above, I didn't find anything else new... but then I didn't do the full and complete wander like I might have done if I was alone.

  • I did see that the Toy Soldier gallery seemed to still be there (although not open) when we drove past it. So that may have to be a field trip.

  • The Rundle Street Markets really aren't what they used to be... hell, even as recently as Christmas they seemed much more active. But it was a windy and chilly day, and by the time we got there it was about 3pm, so it was somewhat understandable.

  • Jonny's Kettle Corn is amazing and I think I love it. Like it says on the label, it's slightly sweet and slightly salty (I'm guessing they make two different batches and mix them together), and it's made, like the name suggests, in a giant "kettle" (think "kettle drum" rather than what you heat water in) but it's very moreish and much fresher tasting than pretty much any popcorn I've ever had. Because it's not one thing or the other, you don't reach that "urgh" point of too sweet or too salty as much.

  • Spiral Potato on a Stick however is just wrong. Take a whole potato, cut it using a fancy cutter thing so that it's a spiral, put it on a stick and deep fry the whole thing (even the stick). Interesting, but no.

  • Behold... craft happens!
the madness beings
The madness begins... Phase 1 of my cross-stitch toy soldier.
  • It's typical that the one colour of embroidery thread I want is the only one they don't have. And that's three different stores now that haven't carried the 666 red. Grrrr.

  • I did get a perfectly sized rectangular hoop, some little scissors and a slightly darker red thread that could work in a pinch.

  • Once Ma left, I sat down and started working on my cross-stitch toy soldier properly. I'd been fiddling with it before Ma came down, but now that I had the hoop I kinda hit my groove. Although the difference in the stitches between me working with available light and then afterwards when I started using the lamp out of my bedroom is pretty extreme.

  • Sadly, cross-stitch is not something that I can do while concentrating completely on the teevee. In fact, quite the opposite... I found myself concentrating on what I was doing and only listening to the movies I had on.

  • Turns out that I've also inspired Ma to go through the many and varied half finished cross-stitch projects she has laying around the place... so that could get scary.

  • I did notice that when I lift my arms I'm a little sore... I'm hoping that's from last night rather than from cross-stitch related activities.

  • Bless you, Stephen Fry, for finding all the really cute Southern boys to talk to during your trip across America. If they were cute, shirtless or willing to show their asses on camera, you were there.

  • Only 46 days until Melbourne... woohoo!

  • Is it really Monday again tomorrow? So soon?
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The Mutant said...

From sauna to cross-stitch. I'm sure I don't need to explain the inherant hilarity of that comparison to you!

Tom said...

But what a hideous thing on his arse even if it was a map of kentucky or wherever... ugh. Subtle it wasn't.

But moving on... wouldn't socks full of cottage cheese sort of leak? :P

yani said...

Mutant: I like to think that I'm a well rounded homo in more ways than one ;)

Tom: Yes, unfortunately for him, the state of Kentucky is basically a big rectangle... it would have been better done as an outline.

Let's pretend you didn't mention that last part though, okay :P

Victor said...

I agree that the Kentucky tattoo was just too big but the man himself was gorgeous and I did love the way he lowered his pants for Fry.

I also wondered whether the young man knew, as he did so, that Fry is gay. I suspect he didn't know.

yani said...

I guessing a whole world of "no" on that one Victor... and was it just me or did it get slightly creepy at some point in the episode with him "hitting on" all these hot young things.

Or am I projecting again? :P


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