my little art gallery

it's real live benzo artwork, and it's in my house...
Jamie, in situ (at least for now)

See I told you it was big... that's 72cm of artistic goodness that is... although the frame does makes it seem extra huge. And I can't even tell you why, but there's something about this photo that I really like... probably because it shows off my books and DVDs as well as Benzo's artwork.

There's not a lot else to add beyond what I said yesterday... not about the artwork anyway.

In other news... I did manage to relight my hot water heater at 7am this morning (the fun never stops around here, I swear)... although it lit, then just switched off for no apparent reason, so I had to hang around out there for what felt like hours (I'm guessing that it was no more than five minutes) before I could try again. I would hope it's still working now, as soon as it went on and stayed on I came straight inside and had my shower and haven't used any hot water since (of course now I'm going to have to check that... soon as I get up anyway). But at least I know I can do it now, however annoying it might be... if only the bloody pilot light would stop going out...

And my computer has been even more incredibly annoying than usual today... the browser kept freezing up for extended periods whenever I asked it to do anything (although not all the time, just when it feels like it). It got so bad that I ended up turning it off for a while because I really was getting the shits with it.

The sooner I can trade it in for some sleek, fast and reliable laptop action, the happier I'll be... plus I'm sure that I will end up with a lot more time on my hands, because it won't take about twenty minutes for it to do the tiniest little thing.

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