unconscious mutterings 341

I'm thankful that I don't remember my dreams, because I went to sleep thinking about little cross-stitch toy soldiers last night... who knows what the little buggers would have gotten up to in my subconscious...

As it was I woke up at 3am having pinched or pulled or otherwise tweaked something in my neck... and that's still a problem as we speak... not so good...

And that was followed by an incredibly dull day at work...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Death :: Emo (I blame the book I'm reading)
  2. Identified :: Remains
  3. Saturday :: Something on
  4. Dumped :: Relationship
  5. Division :: One Prize Winner
  6. Stilted :: Conversation
  7. Crimes :: And Misdemeanours
  8. Stumped :: Puzzled
  9. Future :: Imperfect
  10. Team :: Titans
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