marc, pizza and cards

pizza boyWell that was a pleasant evening...

Contrary to my somewhat disparaging comment on Sunday, Marc did indeed call, and he did indeed come over and have dinner with me, and it was fun.

We went and got pizza from the place down the road, came back here, watched an episode of Rick and Steve while we ate and then I threw some Miles Davis on the stereo and we got down to the very serious business of playing cards.

Nothing as predictable or dull as Snap or Poker... no, this is a German (European certainly) game, the name of which escapes me, but it's a little bit like Uno, although more interesting and complicated.

And occasionally frustrating... did I mention frustrating...

I did win though, so woohoo!

We played it once before, and it's a good way to spend a couple of hours (and that's only a single game).

Once we'd finished the game he worked over my shoulders with his fairly talented fingers, the only down side of which was that a) I ended up all oily and b) I'm not sure he went hard enough in the right areas. While I hadn't expected it to lead to anything, it wasn't quite the massage I'd envisaged in my head, although it's always nice to have somebody run their hands over your body, no matter what the end result.

More please!

I'm not sure if it did anything for my neck though... I guess we'll see in the morning.

Oh, and a much later update... the card game is Phase 10. I'm not actually sure how "European" it is now given the info I've seen... but that's what Marc claims.

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Victor said...

How tantalising that the pizza boy's product in that photo is a 'sausage delight'!

yani said...

Yeah, somehow I don't think that's an accident... :P


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